Gamefrog Tournament Results!

Thank you to everybody that came out!!! I am the one that got hit by the nasty overhead!!! Good stuff RAF!!! And good stuff to Mister K.

Super Street Fighter IV

#1) Mister K. {Rufus/Cammy}
#2) RAF {Sagat/Vega}
#3) SaiSyu Kusanagi {Gouken}
#4) Starcade RIP {Sim}
#5) Seph {Ryu} / Muay Thai {Akuma}

Tekken 6:BR
#1) GS Boroyomaru {Steve}
#2) SaiSyu Kusanagi {Fang Wei}
#3) James {King}
#4) 7th Fonon {Ling Xiou Yu}
#5) Ghostface { Lars}
#6) Patrick { Jin}

Figure this is a good place to post this but I just bought a camcorder. It’s pretty good supposedly recording in 720p. I just tested it out, may not be true 720p but it’s quite amazing and does like 5.2mega pixel photos as well. Gonna start like a youtube channel or whatever when I go to your tournament and luckys and start recording matches for you guys so the community can level up and look back at their tournament match and be like “oh why did I even do that”. Seems like a good investment lol.

Good stuff!!! That will really help. Thanks.

Thanks for having me. I had a caffeine-infused riot.

Nice meeting you all!