Gamefrog Tournament: War in Winston Results

Good Games to all.
See you in the ATL!


3RD Strike

1st) Jose
3rd) Eddie Hoyt


1)Sie Clayton
3)Jimmy the Killer


1)Jimmy the Killer
3)Bloody Yutaka


Neo-Geo Battle Colisume

3)Sie Clayton

Marvel vs Capcom

2)Lord Doom

Side Tournements

Super Smash Brothers “Melee”

1)I’ve Jihad it

Naruto 4

2)Bloody Yutaka

Gultiy Gear #Reload


Soul Calibur 3

Thank You For Playing. Orochi


Awesome time at the tourney. Really was a great setup, and i’ll be glad to help run marvel everytime. Big ups to everyone that came out, especially my fellow charlotte <3’s, Texas/practice really helped.


Great tourney cant wait for the next one. GS to my crew.


Good job holding things down Lu, and nice to see you still play CvS2 :slight_smile:

Copy and pasted from the NC thread…

It was a shame you couldn’t have been down there. Yo, it was a little better for me than during Durham. But I was still almost missing the arcades. Just my old age catching up to me I guess. Transitions are still hard.

hey tomas maybe you should start investing for a mas stick. I know I shouldn’t have won that cvs2 match since I haven’t been practicing that game.

Good matches at the tournament everyone. I had a blast, even after yall got me HEATED at 3rd Strike. The learning never stops…Good stuff everybody.

Congrats on the 2nd place Deni, good job man. Other shouts in the NC thread.

To Atlanta!


GG’s to everyone at the tourney. Thanks for keeping the scene alive.
Liked the venue, wish the turnout was bigger.

Eric- Good shit in Marvel, taking out all the mini-bosses :slight_smile:
Lu - Good to see you again. I dont think we got to play anything this time.
Mike - I thought you retired? Glad your back.
Roski - GG’s, Chun is hard to get in on.
Eddie - Yun’s the best character in the game, but the hardest to play. Keep up the good work.
Peter, Jimmy, Tony - Always fun chillin with you guys

Of course the Charlotte crew, reppin hard. <3 <3 <3
Ali- randoming people out in Smash! J/k good shit man.
Jose -for the epic battles in the 3rd finals.
Isaac - GS sir
Danny and George- you guys are going to be winning Marvel tournies with a lil more experience.

But it would be nice if NC can represent at Final Round. Hopefully we all can step our game up.


GS to everyone :slight_smile: - Alex roski, you beat me man, but not next time … i’ll be ready for ya :stuck_out_tongue: … and eddie, it was good man, i was pretty close. I want more training with Q though.

Jose you did good (thank you fubar duck :P), good matches between you and brandon in the end, and isaac… your always good :P… too bad i had to give away my winnings to you :frowning: … danni and george, seriously you guys can win, your getting there.

As far as smash brothers goes … people i played were pretty good ( all foxes )… you guys got me out in the beginning, but you guys had to make me choose samus in the end :S… but GS to everyone again.

GGs all. Great time at my first tourney, but just goes to show I still need hella practice. Thanks to Saisyu for throwing the tourney, great venue too. Look forward to the next GameFrog tourney.

Great time at the tournament. GS to everyone I played and everyone who attended. The venue was great, it worked nicely for all the players and customers. Mad props to the charlotte crew for holding it down. Man those 3rd finals were intense, wish someone would have got that on tape, the drama was too good. Anyway, off to atlanta, see yall there.


You got any recommendations? I’d hate to have to end up with a halfway done job like what I’ve been dealing with for the last two tourneys. And you probably would’ve have still won since you’ve been reading my moves a lot better for the past thousand matches. I still would’ve liked to been able to go full speed.

good shit in cvs2 guys, we’ll play more


mr. isaac graham is hot stuff.

Good to see Charlotte Mindboggle back on top again.

Excellent work, Jose and Isaac.

First Isaac reps New York, and now Charlotte Mindboggle???

Isaac reps Maryland get it right… And now Fayetteville since we are the best

I <3 Isaac Graham