Gameinn not playing SSF4 AE online?

is it me or is everyone but daigo playing AE online? I mean Gameinn is NO WHERE to be found on the leaderboards and i was saving my last follow spot for him… I got Tokido, Kiryu Tsukimiya (8D), Ryukichikun, and Air thats Akuma, Guy, Fei, and Ryu if daigo dont get it soon imma just find a pro E. Ryu and follow them

Daigo lives in Japan
Daigo primarily plays in arcades.
Japan has arcades.

Connect the dots.

kiryu lives in japan.
im following kiryu.
kiryu played arcades.
Japan also has online.

Connect the dots :expressionless:

Game came out this week on console, and he is planning a trip to America for 3 days during this week. Perhaps he doesn’t have enough time.

Some people say Daigo, amongst some other people, has a life next to playing Street Fighter.

Filthy lies.

He’s obviously busy playing Marvel.

He’s probably nursing.

Or he got a new account since people wanna jump on his nuts all day.

Or his sponsor don’t want as only replays of him losing will be available on the internet.

there wouldnt be many replays of him losing because you only see the replays that they get to upload from ranked. Im not EXACTLY sure how it works but when it says “would you like to upload this replay?” or something similar after winning a ranked match, THOSE are the replays that play when followed.

There’s always Youtube to satisfy your Daigo cravings…

Why would Daigo waste his time with online scrubs when all the good Japanese comp is in the arcades? Only reason he played SSF4 online is because it was the most current version. If SSF4 had been in the arcades I sincerely doubt he’d have played online much if at all.

he’s probably too busy to play online(that would mess up his arcade time).

Daigo has no reason to show up online anymore since AE is also available at the Arcades.

Plus the game just got released and he’s currently on his way to ReveLAtions.

Daigo is playing Marvel vs Capcom 3. Didn’t you guys hear?

lol but seriously though didnt daigo say a long time before that its his friends console and not his?

Uh, you guys forgot other reasons.

AE came out Tuesday, less than a week before Revelations, where Daigo’s probably preparing in the Arcades.

He’s probably in the States by now if I’m not mistaken, if he isn’t already.

Daigo is definitely like number 4 on the XBL Ryu charts right now. Not sure wtf you guys are talking about.

again i stress that PLENTY of pros play online. mago is online, like i said i follow Kiryu and Ryukichikun, there are LOTS more just check the leaderboards.