Gamejunkie Fall Freakfest- Cinci, OH- 10/23-24

I’m here posting for another tourney in the Cincinnati area again, but this time it is going to be for a cool Con/ gaming event being held by Game Junkie (yes, it used to be a sweet store) in West Chester this October, starting 7pm on the 23rd and going straight until 11pm on the 24th. I don’t have all the details yet, but the post will be updated as they come to light. This event will feature many things celebrating gaming and Halloween goodness simultaneously, but will also have some pretty sweet tourneys being run by myself and another of Game Junkie’s best over the weekend.

There will not be any individual tourney fees, but instead a one time fee at the door to cover admittance to the event for the weekend. There will however, still be cash prizes for first placers, and possibly for second as well (those details will be posted as soon as we hash them out). As of now the big 3 fighting games of the year will be included and more when we figure those out, as well as a Halo: ODST tourney or two. The main fighting games should still be SFIV, Blazblue and KoF XII.

Along with details for the tournaments, you can also go to the Game Junkie website for more details on other events. The last two Game Junkie cons were sweet, and this will be the best so far!

So as of right now new details have come: Cash prizes of $175 between first 3 places will be given in both Street Fighter IV and Smash Bros Brawl. There will most likely be cash for second and or third as well. Also being up for tourneys with unknown prizes yet will be blazblue, halo 3 (4v4), and many more up for either impromptu tourneys and or friendlies. At the event will be SFII hdr, tvc, naruto gnt 4, naruto ex 3, king of fighters 98 and 12, and many many more included on the mame arcade cabinet. This event will be fun, and also a good place to meet other gaming enthusiasts/ competitors, and the last 2 events were fun as hell. It’ll be the best 28 straight hours of gaming this october! Details have been posted about everything on gamejunkie’s site now.