Gamelink 6-2-07 Tourney Results!


Thanks to all who showed up.

1st) Genghis
2nd) Smooth Assassin
3rd) Viscant

1st) Hail and Kill (viscant-killer)
2nd) Viscant
3rd) Matt

Third Strike
1st) Ryan (let blood run)
2nd) Genghis
3rd) Viscant

Super T
2nd) Genghis
3rd) p91

Videos will be posted on Youtube shortly


Good tournamet today, loads of fun and good games to everyone I played especialy genghis who beasted me in the finals.


Today was fun. Too bad I came too late… =(


good games today. good turn out in people. gratz to genghis, hail and kill (aka viscant-killer), ryan, and viscant

p.s. smooth assassin your desk is the shit!


Good shit to viscant, top 3 in every game! woo!


Ya I had fun today guys, thanks.


Wow i didnt even know this tourney was going on
I wouldnt of mind of going and playing


Good shit Edgar! I didnt even know there was a tourney yesterday, i was bored all day too. =/
Any vids up yet?? i wanna see Ed get beasted. hahaha <3


3rd place is the new COOL.





I wanna see me get beasted to:sweat:. when are them vids going up?


Jay Still Plays marvel, goodshit:lovin:


good shit to everyone.


ryan vicant and gene. you guys are too good. =[

and gg to everyone i played… and to the intense MvC2 matches =]



post the vids on stage6 :smiley:


Good tournament. These GL tournaments always are. GGs to everyone and thanks a bunch to Genghis who showed up to own me just like old times. Who was that Viscant-killer guy. He really worked me good.

–Jay Snyder


can we have the full list of ppl? instead of just top 3… =] thanks


never forget my name. <333


tourney Video super streetfighter 2


more videos coming soon


3s videos are so bad…i blame it on me being really hungry and feeling sick. haha