Any one order from this site?

I ordered many things from them without a problem.

There shit is over priced!

Well, I just order this

If its the same as the ebay seller, they are legit, they are in Florida, and I called them up before. Prices aren’t great, but you do get what you pay for. Though some stuff is questionable, hehe the new Sega Saturn Controller I bought, wasn’t really new, just cleaned, enough that some of the plastic was wiped off lol. But noneless it worked fine, so its good stuff.

If that deal is legit, then that is a hell of a price for those two games. I just bought a new SF Anniversary for 75 bucks alone.

That is actually a really good deal…Put I stand by my first post

That’s a sweet deal. Too bad I already own both.

I bought the same combo two weeks ago. The games aren’t like factory sealed. They come in cellophane and the CD’s are unused buut… it’s missing that top plastic ‘pull’ thing you get from games at wal-mart or something - gets that comes from the ‘liquidation’ part. Yeah, no problems and the games are brand new. Go foor it. Shipping is like $10 though.

Well I just paid 42 and some change, shipped. Thanks for the heads up on the good deal =D

Thanks guys, I was looking so bad for anniversary, I will try ebay, but…$$$$$

You got ripped off

looks like a great deal v4mpiro, seeing as I got a used copy of both for around 60 bucks!

I’ve purchased a few games from their eBay store before. Not one problem…

are the games the import versions or will they work on us ps2?

the us versions.

So I got an e-mail from paypal today saying that my payment from gameliquidation had been refunded to my account :frowning:

I guess it was too good to be true, or they only had so many, and sold out.

"Dear Kenny Guerra,

Game Liquidation ( has issued you a full or
partial refund for your payment.

Message from merchant:
Hello, we apologize for the inconvenience. We have gone ahead and
refunded you in full. If you have any other questions or comments, please
let us know. Thank you for your understanding."


Thank god, I got my shit.