seeing as how GT might be closed…it seems like Gamelords may be the place to go.

Here’s info posted by Markman

"What’s up SD!

SD TEKKEN SPECIAL REPORT (this is all tentative but will be finalized within the next few days)

VGO Network, SD TEKKEN, and GameLords would like to reintroduce to the San Diego fighting game community…


Friday and Saturday nights
5 PM - 11 PM
$7 all night freeplay

Tekken 5
Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike

Going down at:

3106 Mission Blvd., Suite A
San Diego, CA 92109
(858) 488-GAME

GameLords you may remember from a few years back, the gaming lounge in Ocean Beach… it has now moved to Mission Beach in the heart of Belmont Park… there are tons of things to do at Belmont Park… huge parking lot… lots of food spots, scenery, and fine women walking around… lol.

GameLords is a state of the art gaming lounge that breeds competition… they’ve run fighting game tournaments, Halo 2 Tournaments, and other sports games tournaments before, so they are no stranger to the competitive gaming scene. Filled with a new PC area and 10 HD big screen TVs, GameLords is ready to host the night of fights…

Hope you guys can make it… those of you attending this Saturday night, we may be holding weekly tournaments… we will have one for Tekken 5 for sure… And for 3S if there’s enough interest.

The more people are interested the more prizes/suprises we’ll have for tournaments…

If you’re interested, please let me know… we’re looking to get major sponsors for our weekly events and want to gauge about how many ppl can attend. This is good for our SD scene so take advantage of it!"

Let’s Do This Ppl!

i’m guesisng these are console tournaments, what console are you running 3s on? are the sticks provided or can you bring your own? is there a chance of game expansion in the future? i mean, i enjoy 3s, but i also greatly enjoy cvs2 and a few other 2d fighters. how about a byoc area, someplace where i could bring down like my neo mvs console if anyone wanted to play some garou or last blade 2? anyways, sounds like a really good idea, plus its a good location…

Sounds like a very good idea. I’ve got a DC w/ two PS/Saturn adapters, and have cvs2 and alpha 3 for it, if indeed a byoc area can be set up.

well there’s 10 t.v.'s so casual gaming is going to go on for sure. It’s just a matter of what games are going to be played for tournament.

how soon can a tournament be held, do you have to reserve a spot or something or what. this is probably better because i wont leave GL with blisters, like GTA because i would have my own stick with soft happ buttons :party: .sonds cool, hopefully GL is the official place to play now :tup:

SDT has been having weeklies. Last time it was at someone’s house and there was too much people, so it’s moved to Gamelords…this sat I think.

so, what 3s players are gonna be there this week and what day? i have plans friday night, anyone going sat night for 3s? i noticed sdt is meeting sat night, will there be room for some 3s play? if so, i should have room in my car for at least 1 person to sit comfortably and 2 others in the back of a bmw hatchback, so if you wanna go, are cool, and live close to me, i can give you a ride, just need to grind some gas money off you. i live in the rb area. lets do this for sure…

Some people in SDT play 3s. I play. Ima try hard and go to this. This is also something I can bring my g/f to since Belmont Park is right there :tup:

its like gt but has tekken, word

Yeah, you guys can bring your own games to play, they have Dreamcasts, PS2, XBOX, whatever… For fight club nights we’ll probably have a few TVs set aside for us, but if I can get a head count of people willing to attend that would be great, I want to get a rough idea of how many ppl and which day would be best… then I can start pushing this 100%…

Oh also, they don’t have sticks there, you have to bring your own.

i’m down for saturday nights most the time, but i can make some fridays…i play 3s and cvs2 mainly, not very good, but those are the ones i’m interested in. i have my own stick, but it’ll only work on the ps2, i don’t have a converter…

ill go for 3s.

They have two Playstation > DC convertors there for their DCs…


So who’s going what days? If we get everyone to come at the same time then you can have a better first experience of the place/atmosphere when comp is there. Rather than a bad first experience of going there when only you and your friend is there (me and Dios -X- used to do that :frowning: )

i know none of you know me, but i’ll try and go this saturday night if other srkers will be there…

sounds like people will be going to gamelords… and it’s cool u can bring your own games. but it sounds like everytime u go, it’s 7 bucks, right?

also, u have to bring your own sticks… but what if u don’t have one? do u just use a stick from someone who’s generous enough, or are u SOL (and use controllers instead)?

seriously, 7 is alot for console style. however, i have tried before to have game days, but i get too paranoid about people in my apartment i don’t know, so at least this is a central place. 5 seems more reasonable…

usually places like this charge hourly. so we got ourselves a deal.

but yeh i agree 7 is a lot.