Gamelot February Monthly: 2/28/08



IF YOU CAN BRING AN EXTRA TV, THAT TOO IS GREATLY APPRECIATED. If people want their matches recorded please bring equipment.

And while it’s usually obvious: BRING YOUR OWN CONTROLLER! I CAN’T BRING A CONTROLLER FOR YOU! (Okay, maybe a few loaners…) but please seriously bring it. It holds up the tournament if you have to constantly borrow someone’s controller or someone else has loaned it out.


7007 Bandera Rd
San Antonio, TX
(At Bandera and Huebner on the corner with the Church’s Chicken.)


Doors open at 12:00 pm.

SF4: 1pm
STHD: 2pm
SC4: 3pm
Tekken DR: 4pm

Entry Fees:

Venue Fee: $5 for a wristband. You will need this to be allowed into the tournament area. NO Exceptions

Each game will be $10.00 to enter.

To make it simple: One game is $15, two is $25, and so on.

Prize Layout:

All events will pay out as such:

1st: 60%
2nd: 25%
3rd: 15%

General Rules:

Double Elimination
Rounds: 3/5 (2/3 for 3rd Strike)
Best 2/3 matches
Finals (Winners, Losers) will be best 3/5 matches
Grand Finals are best 4/7 matches

Pausing will result in the loss of a round unless the opponent lets it slide.

All button changes MUST BE DONE before the rounds begin. Binding is allowed, macros and other controller enhancements are banned.

If any rules are broken, you should report WHEN IT HAPPENS, not after the fact.

Game Specific Rules:

Soul Calibur IV

There will be both Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles available. If both players wish to play their match on Xbox 360, that is fine. However, PS3 is the nationals standard, therefore it will have priority when two players argue over what machine to play on. (Besides, it’s no secret the 360 controller just plain isn’t that good for fighting games)

Banned Characters:
Guest Characters (pending), Custom characters (Color/costume edits are still allowed), and Yoda are banned
Note: Algol and Darth Vader are allowed at this tournament. We are NOT a regional for the National Tournament, so we are not adbiding by their rules 100%. Thank you

First match can opt for a blind pick, first stage is random.
Winner stays character.
Loser can change character and choose to change stage HOWEVER, it still stays as random stage select.

Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection
If the players do not agree on a stage within 15 seconds the match judge will enforce blind random stage select.
Jinpachi is banned from tournament play.

SF4 and STHD
Akuma is banned.

I’m there to own! You should have mvc2.

I’d say move this one week later. Dpad in New Braunfels is having an event already.

agreed. and u say 3/4 for 3s yet its not even in the game lay out. push this back and maybe u might get a few more.

if we bring the systems and the games do we get a discount? i dont think the players should be bringing the equipment unless we get a discount

Goku: Wish i could but i can’t. I only have this date and March 21, to which we’re working on right now.

Spin: This issue has already been brought up with the owner, and it’s been set to $5. As opposed to $7-10 like it has been originally has been about a year ago. Besides, i bring my shit too.

feb-28-…2008? lol

Wow, ummmm… kind of like Goku said I’m hosting a tournament on that day (and gave a notice way a head of time).
The D-Pad and Gamelot are not very far apart from each other at all (about a 15 minute drive).

There has to be a way to delay it.

Also, magneto_x, I forget your number.
Call me up again, lol ;o

I’d go to this if it was the day before, day after, or the following week. But yeah, been planning on D-pads for a while and I don’t think it’d be fair since they gave advanced notice.

If it can’t be moved then it can’t be helped, but I’d try if possible.

Why is akuma banned