Gamelot presents: The First Big Soul Calibur Tournament+AE2012+UMVC3


A little cramped on setups, but I’m glad we had a ton of them. I greatly apologize for any small number of issues that cropped up during the day, but overall I got a lot of positive feedback and I alway appreciate the sentiments. I’ve been doing this for years and it always feels good to feel acknowledged for my work.

Of course, I’m not a one man band, so here goes my shoutouts:

Nori/ChickenWing: Thanks for handling Soul Calibur 5 flawlessly. Hope the next tournament will get an even bigger turnout.

Sirfishouse: Thanks for bringing the bulk of the setups, we would have been sunk without you. Thanks for also jumping in on the brackets late in the day when I had to play my sets. I share your sentiments on feeling the need to help out whenever I’m at a tournament. Great talk we had afterwards at House’s place, and I look forward to working with you in the future.

Nem: King of Fighters officially takes longer than CvS2 or Brawl. Gross.

And even then, thanks to many other players that helped make this event and all the others possible. Great job to the new players that came out of nowwhere and beasted, and the underdogs that gave the top players a run for the their money.

And seriously, someone needs to take out Jan. Can’t let him Hat trick SA again =P

Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition 2012:

1: Jan ($266.00)
2: Jonas ($76.00)
3: CupcakePanda ($38.00)
4: Flash House
5: Rain
5: GW Nem
7: Cast
7: PozerWolf
9: Chief
9: T.R.3. Worldslayer
9: Noob Girl Gamer
9: Josh
13: IMT Flynn
13: Captn Bacslap
13: Tinfoil
13: Spin
17: Earthworm Vince
17: Mister Keebler
17: Moo
17: Paul S
17: Pabbs
17: P Cutta
17: Dr. Villain
17: El Chilote (Sinister X)
25: Jess
25: Julian
25: Super Colossus
25: Romantics
25: Wes Nile Virus
25: Sirfishouse
25: Papi
33: Miss Rainbow
33: MC Clusky
33: Gox
33: Daze
33: E Hero Jay
33: Gory Savage

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3:

1: Jan ($259.00)
2: Equinox ($74.00)
3: Stone ($37.00)
4: GoX
5: Pabbs
5: CupcakePanda
7: PozerWolf
7: El Chilote (Sinister X)
9: Gman
9: IMT Flynn
9: super Colossus
9: Joshlike
13: Dragoon
13: Stripes 2
13: Daze
13: Rosales
17: E Hero Jay
17: laquer_head
17: Mr Professa
17: Relentless
17: Wes Nile Virus
17: Ricky Gonzales
17: Spin
17: Jess
25: All Leather
25: Rico
25: Gory Savage
25: Romantics
25: Moo
25: XERO
25: Christian
33: Dalton
33: Whodat
33: TAPP16
33: Miss Rainbow
49: Eric Santos

King of Fighters

  1. Jan
  2. Nem
  3. Cupcake Panda

Soul Calibur 5:

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Thanks for coming everyone! Get the SA scene bigger! Spread the word about Real 210 Fighters so we can grow our scene. Over 100 members and still growing!

Felt like there was one more monitor on the main row of games than there should be.
Otherwise, it was fine.

Great tournament, I’m interested in the next one.
Hope the next one will also host Soul Cal 5, so if all of Austin flakes on me again, I can at least bring the SC buddies.

Match vids from this tournament are up at