Gamelots 3/31/07 tourny results


halo 2
Champion: KN Army
Second: Brown and white
Third: Monkey Killers
Fourth: ho hope

Capcom vs SNK 2
Champion: NemC
Second: Crow
Third: Jake
Fourth: Juan

Street Fighter 3: Third Strike
Champion: Crow
Second: EdmanXero
Third: NemC
Fourth: Teh Masterer Betty

Soul Calibur 3
Champion: Augustine & CW
Second: Dallas
Third: Nori & Blaze
Fourth: TNPR & DFA

Tekken 5: DR
Champion: Crow
Second: Ramin
Third: wired
Fourth: Crow

VF5 was not played cause of lack of players (ie no players)
ditto goes for MvC2
there were talk about being a gears of wars and smash and we didnt plan on having those so whoever said that needs to be sure with either me, or riceburner before you start talking about having a tourny

also theres a PS2 controller here at Gamelot
its a black standard controller
if anyone is missing one thats where it will be


wow…people actually played SC3 o_O


well it was by popular vote
we wanted to hold SC2 and somehow SC3 was played
shocked the shit out of me really


how many people entered for each game?


20+ for T5DR
7 for CvS2
8 for 3s
8 for CS3 (4teams of 2)