Gamepad Adapters causes PS3 to freeze (FW 2.7)? Please support, contact Sony

Every time I plug in my PS2-PS3 adapter on gamepad mode it freezes the system. After this happened after fw 2.7. All other usb devices work fine when plugged but not adapters. I think its more of a glitch than Sony disabling adapters.** Please support me by complaining to Sony** hopefully this can be fixed with another fw update.

Other people have the same issues.

it screwed me too

I just updated to FW 2.7 and using the TAC gamepad adapter hard hangs the console. I sent a support email to Sony, but looks like I won’t be playing SF4 or Guitar Hero on PS3 until this is fixed. There is no way I am paying $100+ to replace my controllers due to shetty PS3 updates.

same thing has happened to me. btw im curious on what adaptor you guys have? i have the sumoto ones and it only works slightly on guitar mode

Im using TAC.

Anyone here sent Sony a message yet?

Go down to Playstation 3 resources, click Contact customer service.

well i’m affraid to update now. anybody with a pelican adapter try it on the 2.7fw?

I just tried the Pelican and the HVC2. They are working fine. Plugged them in mid-game. And also restarted system with them as primary controllers.

So you have to do this stuff? you cant plug it in while on the xmb without freezing your PS3?

No I meant I tried the adapter both ways.

Thanks for giving that info on how to contact Sony (which I am doing at this moment for my friend without internet). Really hate how this update really slaps everyone in the face and hope it gets resolved soon.

I posted before about this but I will here too. I can confirm that the REAL adaptor works with my 60 gig PS3 (friend used my HRAP2SA w/ adaptor to do the update).

On a side note, I have found that the TAC will force itself into being controller #1 and can’t be assigned to other #s through the XMB in-game. Can anyone else confirm this? Does the Sumoto do this also?

I ask because I am able to reassign on my REAL and not my friend’s TAC. Maybe this forced assignment programming is the cause? Just a thought I had and maybe the adaptors that work are the ones that don’t do this?

Doesn’t change how angry this update makes me and my friends though…

TAC not working in joystick mode…

Tac/Sumoto users keep sending Sony messages until they resolve this issue. Eventually they will look into this and fix this issue.

They’re 3rd party unlicensed products. I doubt Sony will care.

Called 800-345-SONY this morning. Sony says since it’s third party accessory they can’t do anything about it, even tho I’m using a licensed (Tekken 5) stick.

Sorry sure, but what a big FU to all us Sumoto users. Glad the Inpin is still working for now.

Correct, and there is no doubt.

But if we bitched them with tons of emails they will eventually do something about it. This is what Im trying to accomplish please help me.

Think of it like this…

You call up Warner Brothers because your torrented Dark Knight is not working on the Warner Brother movie player.

Does that make much sense lol?

Hey guys, i have a TAC converter and it’s also happening to me. I contacted Sony and this is how it went:

Me: Customer - 04/02/2009 09:27 AM
I just upgraded to Firmware 2.7 and now my PS3 freezes every time I plug in my ps2 Arcade stick, which is plugged in through a TAC Universal System Ps2 to Ps3 converter (P/N GTR-PS3-ADPT).

Can you guys please release a patch to fix this soon. I want to get back on to play Street Fighter: IV. This is very frustrating.

Question Reference #090402-000355

Sony: Hello Tony,

Thank you for writing us about a controller adapter.

We do not support these adapters. PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system controllers were not designed to play on the PLAYSTATION®3 computer entertainment system.

Lisa U

Me: It worked fine before the new updated firmware! This adapter was made so that ps2 guitars from rock band and guitar hero can work on the ps3. Why would you guys create such a firmware that disables ps2 accessories? That makes absolutely no sense. So what am I suppose to do now? Throw away all my ps2 guitars and arcade sticks? That is literally hundreds of dollars down that drain because of some firmware. I am not only speaking about myself. I am also speaking on behalf of other outraged ps3 owners.

Please create a patch soon.


I still think it’s silly PS3 is praised for adapters working on it… and now they broke 50% of them in a firmware patch…

Tourneys being played on 2.6 firmware from now on?

idk about 50%

yea but exaggerating on the internet = instant validity