Gamepad analog stick on PS3


I have a question about PS3 version of SSFIV arcade edition. I play only PC version which allows me to assign different analog stick directional input of a gamepad to different moves. For example, the up direction of the right analog stick can be assined to three punches, down direction – to three kicks. Previous SSFIV on PC didn’t recognise those inputs and for that I had to use additional software. My question is: is it also possible on a PS3 arcade edition version?




That’s very sad. It means the game is unplayable.


No, it just means you’ll have to use normal PPP and KKK configurations, which means using the triggers.


There are reasons why I can’t fully use my left hand.


Then buy a Hori Fighting Commander 3 PRO - it gives you 8 different buttons all accessible with your right hand.


Thanks!!! It’s what I was looking for!