GamePad VA Presents: Fight Locale Chosen - June 19, 2010 - a MD/VA Event


GamePad VA Presents:
Spotsylvania Towne Centre Food Court

Tournament will be held on the ‘Octocon,’ which has 8 VS2433 HD Gaming Monitors that have been tested to have 12ms input lag. CRT monitors run at about ~10ms input lag.

3102 Plank Road
Fredericksburg, VA 22407

? $10.00 Venue Fee
? $10.00 Buy-in (to the pot)

? 10:00 AM ? Spotsylvania Towne Centre Opens/Registration Begins
? 10:15 AM-12:00 PM ? Warm-up period
? 12:00 PM ? Tournament Begins
? All sets will be open for casuals/money matches from the end of the tournament until 9:30 PM

? Pot split 60/30/10

General Rules:
? Bring your own controller
? All characters are legal
? No turbo controls
? No pausing
? 99 Seconds
? Best 2 out of 3 up to Winner’s/Loser’s Finals
? Best 3 out of 5 Winner’s/Loser’s/Grand Finals
? PLEASE be on time; we cannot allow the tournament to be held up.

Pay at GamePad
Bracket registration in the food court

We are also hosting a Super Smash Bros. Brawl tournament on the same day; if you wish to participate in that as well, information can be found here.

GamePad is a LAN center located between Washington, DC and Richmond, VA. We are the only center in the area fully participating in the GG Circuit. Our location has 36 Xbox 360s, 3 PS3s and 2 Wiis hooked up to 20 32" 1080p HDTVs, 19 23" 720p HDTVs, a 40" 1080p HDTV and a 23" SDTV that is wholly dedicated to Super Smash Bros Brawl.


i would go but this is the same day as the nova tourney. I’ll look out for future ones.


Iconz that day for me.


Yeah, we’re kind of stuck with the date; it’s the only Saturday that the space is available until the middle of August. Will definitely be doing another one then to try and allow for all the NoVA folks who have other obligations this go around.


gonna try to come through for this


yeah i understand that month is pretty packed for every weekend so something was bound to overlap. It gives people options so thats a plus.


Im going to try and make it out


Bump. Should be a decent local turnout. Here’s hoping some of the NoVA folks are able to make it out.


Aww right after I have to leave Fredericksburg.


i might be coming to this xD


Update from Gamepad

As owner of the hosting LAN center for this tournament, and one of the tournament organizers, I wanted personally welcome as many of you that can make it this event as possible and let you know about a few of the things we have in store for you.

  1. This is our first SSFIV event in this location (food court) and we will be able to comfortably host a 64 man bracket, but will have to limit registration to the first 128, which shouldn’t be a problem this time, since we are only promoting this on SRK, online, and in-store. Next event (July 17th) will have radio spots and a much larger local attendance.

  2. We have secured a 10% discount at Famous Wok for all players all day, and even more exciting, Chick-fil-a will be showcasing their new spicy chicken sandwich to all registered players, for FREE! Also, for those who get to Gamepad and register early that morning (10am), we will be providing complimentary kolaches and coffee. (look it up)

  3. We will probably be changing the singles bracket start time to 2pm, just to give everyone a bit more equal warm-up time on our setups. Let us know if this has any effect on you whatsoever.

Let us know if you have any questions/concerns.
Less than 1 week, get hype.

-Matthew “SureIuseKen” Tierney


I’ll be helping out with the event and playing.

There will be Poop Sagat.


There may be a conflict as some Father’s Day activities will be going on earlier in the day. I’ll try to make it by 2 if I can, otherwise, I’ll have to spectate.

sighs It’s either freakin’ feast or famine some days…


Really hope I can make it to this one; I feel like I never go to GP tourneys anymore.


To all those considering attending:

Please let us know if you are planning on attending, so we may post a roster, and so we can let Chick-fil-a know how many FREE sandwiches they will be making.

I am looking forward to seeing all of you who can make it, and feel free to show up early, as we will have plenty of stations to warm-up on.



I will be going to one sooner or later… Cant do anything this weekend.

If I plan to one anytime soon, would it be okay if I could run a SF3 3s tournament? I have done tournaments before and it seems like it would be cool to do. Just let me know if thats allowed. :slight_smile:


I will be there around 10:30 or 11am. Its hard to get up that early lol.

Steve (shankd)


Disregard my last message. Looks like Saturday’s a go.


Damn two tourneys on the same day I am torn. I will make it out next time for this. Chick-fil-a almost had me changing my mind.


A last minute reminder to all attending…

As an official Gamepad event, all players/spectators will be expected to show the utmost respect to each other and the venue.

This includes:

  1. Showing up on time, and being ready to play when you are assigned a match. (This does not mean go eat lunch when your name is called.)

  2. Exhibiting good sportsmanship whether you win or lose. (If any of you don’t know what this means, shaking hands after a match is a good example, throwing your controller is not.)

  3. Using only such language appropriate for a LIVE televised broadcast. (Because you never know…)

  4. Respecting the property of others. (Don’t even THINK about it - thieves will be turned over to the police, which will pretty much ruin the rest of their day.)

  5. Listening to the tournament directors and assistants. (We are here to increase order and hype. Relax and let us.)

If you have not yet read Gamepad’s “Code of Conduct,” please do so after you register on-site or now, online. (Those and all other Federal Laws, State Laws and expiration dates apply as well.)

I look forward to seeing each one of you, and meeting some of you for the first time.

(I’ll be the guy focus canceling into chain grabs all day)