Gamepads worth the cash time and effort?

i’ve never been good with arcade sticks, since i’ve played on consoles my whole life i’ve grabbed a real tight feel for a controller and i’ve been looking around for a good controller to start competing with i was also wondering if their universal with current gen consoles (being that they have usb connections) or if this mic deal with xbox was an issue with them being universal, if anyone knows where i could get a universal fight pad without turbo…or if i’d just have to get a set of both or maybe even three, because i really don’t wanna spend a year or two getting good with arcade sticks…or if anyone just wants to talk about game pads AND if there already is a thread for this type of issue please re direct me. thank you

I guess i’ll be the first to say what others will: Get a good stick and stay with it till you learn it.

From the days of the first SFII till now, i was a pad player my whole life as well until i started consistently playing others in MVC2 a little in arcades during '06. It was a tough transition at first but now i much prefer it over a pad.

The only time i use pad now is when i don’t have my stick around, or its a DUMB fighter like a Mortal Kombat or DBZ title, in which case its not worth taking seriously enough to use stick.

Pads aren’t universal. Microsoft has a lockout chip in all officially licensed XBox 360 pads.

guess im gonna have to take you up on that…

It doesn’t take a year or 2 to adapt to a stick. Probably like a month MAX imo.

yeah, a month might be enough

i got into a stick in 1 week
than another week for exexution
than 1 more to get back on how good i was with pad

If you want a professional pad, i would point the SF4/SSF4 madcatz fightpad. This works wonders to people who can’t get use to sticks.