Gameplay suggestions

Hey guys,
I’ve been playing as Akuma for a good deal of time now, and I would appreciate it if you could give me some comments on my gameplay. Am I still a noob or is it good enough? How can I improve? What am I doing wrong? The below link is to a video of me playing VS Dudley.

Here’s the video: [media=youtube]mXrTTi36zXM[/media]

Thanks! (And sorry for the bad framerate!)


Much about Akuma is learning the matchups. Some tactics and/or combos only work against certain characters.

For example you can hurricane Urien alot as he can’t duck the hurricane. However such a tactic on Chun would get you killed.

There is alot of information in this forum about matchups and execution. Read those posts and watch vids of good Akumas to see what they do.(watch the Japanese Akumas and for non Japanese guys like JR, PaulT and Harmonaz are good to watch)

Practicing against the computer is not very easy to critique. Right now learn…

[]Tatsu juggles
]Hit confirms into sa1
[*]Kara throw

That will keep you busy for a while. Don’t worry about RD or anything else for the time being. Once you can do that stuff in training mode, practice it against the computer and itll be easier to land in a real matchup. Good luck!


Umm play a real person then maybe i could do something for ya… says Free play 2nd player side

Stop picking Akuma, pick Gouki