I’m a Yang user since Arcade Edition and I need advice from the Yang players here.

After using Yang for like more den a year I still duno what kinda gameplay should I use to approach the opponent.

Should I use more ground play or hit them with more divekicks to get nearer to them.

Now I seem to lose all my matches and I dun really know how to approach the opponent already.

Advice fellow Yangs


That’s kind of vague. Are you having any specific problems approaching? Certain characters or ranges?


Oh sorry.

I mean like how to do guys use yang to approach your opponents. Like jumping in more to attack them or using more ground attack like or

Coz I find my way too anyhow and I can’t seem to approach my opponents correctly.


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The first link is to the page of Yang videos where 2012 dropped, and everything after that is also Yang 2012 gameplay. I go there frequently, and usually I come away with something new just by watching a couple Kyoku or Nemo matches or whoever. It helps to see what kind of strategy is used by those that are successful with the character. Instead of just passively watching, you should actively be identifying what is working for that particular Yang, or what may be getting him into trouble. Try to look at what they do to confuse their opponent into sticking out limbs that are then punished by a well placed divekick, or learn some tricky resets, or try to incorporate some of the meaty command grab set-ups that people have talked about. You could even try something simple, like do some kind of blockstring into a tick grab, then do a similar looking blockstring, make it look like you are going to grab, but then instead do a cl.fp>rekkas. Things like this work all the time to be honest.

There is quite a bit of useful information right here in these forums that answer your questions.

Q: Is it better to approach using the ground game?
Well yeah, sometimes it is. If you get into trouble remember you have a pretty good vortex escape tool in Ex.teleport. The first lp.rekka is only -2 on block, so, rekka is a pretty good poke except against grapplers. If you find your opponent loves to do stuff on his wakeup, you have a fairly safe punish for that in palms. is fast and has pretty good range for a 3f normal, and leads into one of his BnBs.

Q: Should I use divekicks to get in on my opponent?
Well gosh, I’ll bet that’ll work sometimes, too. But not in all the ways it used to. Yang has a couple of extra landing frames after a divekick, so whiffing a divekick to bait out reversals isn’t as effective as it used to be. It’s still pretty darn good on block if you ask me, because if you hit your opponent in the stomach or below, you will be safe enough to block even 3f reversals if your opponent is uppercut happy, or safe enough to tech a throw. It’s still great for landing counterhits, or to change trajectory over a fireball or to trick the opponent(try mixing it up with j.fp), for crossup setups(although this is more Yun’s area…)

Regardless of how you approach your enemy, Meter Management is something I find very important to Yang as well. The options available to you are quite different when you land a>rekkas depending on how much meter you have. If you always go for the ex.rekkas, then you will never have meter for the FADC which leads to;
[]Even more corner push(position),
[]Launcher (, leads to mixups, dragon kick, ultra)

  • If you land a launcher, jump cancel into a late j.fp and dash toward your opponent. You can pick which side you end up on by ducking or not ducking.It’s pretty ambiguous if you do it well.

These are just a few things I have learned reading these forums. Keep practicing and watching videos and you will be a great Yang.


I always watch matches from Nemo, Ojisanboy and Kyoku and they are fantastic.

I have this problem of not knowing which strength of the divekick to use as I always hit the wrong spot of the opponent.

I can’t seem to hit the area below the waist and always gets SRKed

And one more problem that I have is I can’t seem to do SRK properly. Whenever I see my opponents jumping I know I can SRK them but most of the time I cannot react to it so in the end I either block or do a FA and back dash.

Anyway you guys have any tips on reacting to jumping ?

So sorry as it’s abit off topic now.


Yang’s dragon kicks are not exactly a shoryuken, you need to learn the timing because if an opponent neutral jumps in sometimes they can land far enough away and have enough time to block because the dragon kicks have 5f of startup. They are effective on deep neutral jump ins, as well as an AA(countering an opponents jump in attack). Some characters also have set-ups for safe jumps against Yang dragon kick on wakeup. For example, if ryu knocks you down and you see him jump in with j.hp, don’t dp, you should just crouch tech or teleport out. Go to training, set the dummy on jump, or better yet record the dummy jumping at you in different ways, some neutral, some attacking, etc. and start to commit the dragon kick hitbox to memory, once you know it you will use it more effectively. Plus the training will help with muscle memory.


Empty jumps are indeed problematic for Yang’s DP. Not only that, but I think his mk is underused as an anti-air. Far mk will beat a lot of the average jump-in attacks and close mk is sometimes difficult to use but carries the reward of the highest AA damage and a free reset. What you need to do to be able to react to jumps properly is play a bunch of games where the result is second in importance to anti-airing your opponent. Basically, look at where their character is on the screen when they jump in relation to yours and know at all times whether a jump-in can hit you and whether they’re likely to be close enough that you can DP them. You’ll eat some losses for this which you otherwise wouldn’t, but you can still get pretty high in the rankings with a gaping hole in your defense which you’ll then have to go back and correct. Better to do it now.


Thanks alot guys for the advice !

I’m starting to get abit of the idea on the anti-air already.

I’m starting to get the timing on the anti-air for Yang and the distance when they jump in, sometimes I still misses it though when I get the distance wrong which in the end the DP whiffs.

Now I’m trying to get the distance for reversal DP as somehow I feel the hitbox for his DP seems to be quite small compared to the Shoto’s DP