GamePro Sagat 4 pager

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We cannot allow to promote scanning and posting online copyrighted material in the public forums. Please refrain from posting such requests on the board.

Thank you!

hey sorry
I wasn’t supposed to ask for something illegal!!!
i thaught that somebody, like the artist of that cammy/dee jay 4-pager, had made it avaliable on the net
look here the first link!

you see, it is not possible for the fans outside of the states to see that story parts otherwise (even if the story is not that important in the context)

i would love to see the sagat story in a LEGAL way, so please UDON, give me an opportunity!!!

and by the way in what issue of Gamepro magazine is that promo?


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copyright is a very funny thing. All artists are allowed to post their work online for review and portfolio purpose, and what they post are mostly non-lettered files with the art only. That is legal. But if a third party is going to scan the actual printed book and post it online or reproduce it and circulate in any way, it becomes a copyright infringement…

Some day, we will probably reprint those special and back up stories. Possibly some time next year… in some fashion…

i’ll hold u to that then mr ko, its “on the record” as we speak, hehe :evil:

thanks for the info, Udon!

please answer me three further questions:

  1. who was the artist of that made the sagat 4-pager?

  2. in what issue number of the Gamepro magazine was the story?

  3. have there been more promo-stories / some planned for the future?

thank you in advance!

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PS: is Udon your pseudonym?

hey somebody answer my questions!!!

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in what issue of gamepro can i find the story
does somebody has read or owns it already?

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  1. The artists for the Sagat comic were Long Vo, Saka, and Charles Park.

  2. It ran in Gamepro #181 (Oct. 2003).

  3. Yes, there was also a Cammy/ Dee Jay comic printed in Newtype USA #11 (Nov. 2003). Also there is the upcoming San Diego Comic Con exclusive.