GAMER FURY: Hate mail sent to COD dev over Sniper nerf


This is comedy gold. Some of my favorites:

“i hope ur fucking family gets killed slowly infront of ur eyes and u getting loked in a basement and gets stabeduntil u die”

“your game is shit i honestly hope you fucking die in a car accident with your whole bald family you cunt”

“Congratulations on fucking bo2 up you stupid cunt, i hope your daughter gets gang raped by 13 black men.”

“I hope @DavidVonderhaar dies a slow and painful aids related death while he gets ass raped by Filipino tyrannies with huge cocks… Faggot”

“You cancer riddled fuck. I hope that your children get raped by some ugly cunt with HIV.”


Todays 13 year olds in a nutshell.


BLOPS2 is the easiest fucking COD to quickscope in…

fucking 1st world problems.


Welcome to last week bro


It wasn’t even that bad of a nerf tbh either.


But my QUAAAAAAD Feed!!


Hold up which sniper got nerfed? they are all bull shit any way.


I wonder what it is about COD that drives these people into a rage.

“Oh no! They downgraded a fictional weapon that I will never use in real life! Those bastards!”


The DSR.
No 360 Noscopes for the 13 year olds.


The next President of the United States, ladies and gentlemen.


but can I still quickscope?


If I say no, what’s your next tweet on Twitter going to be?


It better not be about Shaq Fu either.


Its not just CoD. People rage in many other games too. I remember Marvel got its bad set of players back in the day…


Their games sell millions every year. Why should they even care about this kind of “feedback”?


Did you just get defensive over cod? Lol, faggot. Dont see ppl murdering their parents over marvel do we.


Because crazy people are threatening to kill them ಠ_ಠ


This is why Capcom never nerfs Ken or Cody.


It really doesn’t matter what the game is. When you’ve got 10s of millions of people poised to give feedback at least a handful of them are going to be nutjobs. Even if Sonic 2 was re released with COD numbers sold and they added an 8th emerald someone would send death threats.


At least we know our future is guaranteed with this type of hatred.



How did you know!?

somebody talked!