[Gamer Health] Supple Hands and Finger Fitness Discussion

Supple and and properly warming up the hands are often overlooked when it comes to playing something as rigorous as fighting games. I personally I have my hands encased in a glass shell infused with orphan tears and filled with whale blubber prior to a big matchup.

Improper care of grabby and squeezy can make or break your streak. How do you warm up before a match? Masturbation counts.

Masturbate before a match…not abad idea.
Let’s see someone steal my sticky stick now!

Anal fisting all the way IMO

I interviewed a few players in Major League Baseball who extolled the virtues of urinating on one’s hands over the course of a season…

I find having someone else urinate on them for you to be far more beneficial. :wonder:

Dammit, beat me to it, so to speak. :rofl:

I get my Hundred Hand finger warmed up by pretending that I’m the aliens during an abduction of myself…

That’s why they always gave Moises Alou the fist bump rather than a high five.