Gamer Munchies

Just a random question, what do you like to munch on when you are playing?


Pringles (I know, cliche)
Hostess cakes


Froot Loops
Apple Jacks

Clementines, apples, bananas, oranges, grapes, peanut butter & cheddar flavored snack crackers(Lance brand), real food, oh and cereal and greek yogurt

  • Oatmeal Creme Pies
  • Golden Oreos
  • Chips Ahoy
  • Tastycakes Chocolate Cupcakes

any anything else with a ton a sugar in it.

*Posts a million healthy things…

*feels superior

beer, cigarettes, coffee

maybe other semi illegal substances

Oxygen and water

Whichever woman I’m seeing at the time.

Ramen for me, I grub down on some Ramen! Its just easy and convenient


I consume FEAR.

I usually just have a cigarette. Unfortunately smoking and Street Fighter have become synonymous with me lately, a habit I really need to stop.

Weird, I hear that from a lot of mah peeps. Street Fighter is a gateway drug apparently.

Seriously people? We dont have more mature pallets? No burgers, sandwiches, soups!?

lol I like munching on some breasts. But if it has to be food, then it would be something like pizza.

cheez-its, monsters, and coffee.

funny you say this.
i first started smoking because of all the smoke i was inhaling watching the drug dealers in local bodegas, movie rental hideouts, and laundrymats…this was when you could smoke indoors.
anyhoo, so these guys would light up, and place their stogie on the SF2 cabinet, specifically they’d rest it right on that spot thats just above the start button. the start button would hold it in its place.
i remember all that smoke making my eyes watery as hell, blurring up my vision.
then i decided i might as well smoke too.
thats how i started.

i blame SF2 for my 20 year smoking habit.
damn you capcom for making SF so addictive!

so i smoke, drink orange or grapefruit juice, eat doritos cool ranch and pringles while i game.