Gamer sponsoship don'ts

I just found out about a crappy practice by some companies who sponsor gamers, and that is a clause that the sponsor gets a cut of your winnings. Don’t fall for anyone who wants to take your money from you. Sponsors are supposed to pay you, not the other way around. In my life I have been sponsored for skateboarding (3 different teams) and signed twice by independent recording lables, and never had to put up any cash. Even if the sponsor doesn’t pay you cash you should at least get free or discounted products.

sorry in order for this post to be vetted we will need to see some skateboarding videos and perhaps a song or two

Joined Thursday, is angry at the world, must mention shitty skateboarding and I guess music recording to heighten e-peen.


I think bots are getting lazier, not even a link this time.

I used to skateboard, it was fun.

But I stayed fat so I joined football.
Then football got boring and now I play video games and smoke all day.

I wanna get sponsored for smoking.

Um… I’ve never known bots to give advice on life.

He’s just salty his name is edward. Like in twilight. Thats enough to piss anyone off.

Twilight… Sparkle?

[spoiler=]NO HOMO, HO HOMO!!![/spoiler]

i wanna get sponsored for drinking. Why don’t I get free JR 5.5?

I’m sure he’s sponsored by his parents- he gets $20 for the skate park every week if he keeps his grades up.

Perhaps we could also use this thread to discuss gamer sponsorship do’s as well.

What are the most memorable pro gamer hairstyles you’ve ever seen?

I know, speaking personally, seeing all of the unique and varied top player hairstyles is one of the most electrifying aspects of watching e-sports for me.

it’s a good thing many pro gamers are too lazy to go to the barber otherwise we wouldn’t get to spectate such gorgeous manes of hair

So this guy’s post is bad… why, exactly?

Though I agree with Boel on the pics or gtfo.

Right over the head.

As long as we don’t question Justin’s hair, because apparently those threads get locked.

I…I was expecting a “but then I took an arrow to the knee” somewhere in there…
Fuck you Skyrim. Fuck. You.

You asked for it

song were ok, about two months after this band signed I left the band with Holly, the drummer because the label owner wanted to dumb down the drum parts and wanted her to dress way too slutty. After we split Holly went to Nevada and joined Jaggety Ann, an all girl AC/DC-ish band. Even had their Album produced bu AC/DC’s Phil Rudd.
This band was the first one that Got signed, sold only about 2,000 copies of the CD.
The label folded because the owner got busted running a biker meth ring, and the cash dried up :slight_smile:
As far as skateboarding pics, I’m not sure I have any pics from back then, this was (1988-1993)

This is possible, gotta hit up the Craft Beer Scene. The guy who runs The Michigan Beer Guide travels the state to different Brew Pubs and gets paid to talk about beer.

I’ve actually didn’t know about this joke till yesterday.

Had someone go on saying how the joke is over used, and I’ve never read or seen anyone use that joke.

Maybe I’m on SRK too much :x

I wrote “have been” not currently lol. And my mom is dead, but if it makes you feel good making fun of people then by all means :slight_smile:

sweet, ima give dis a listen in a bit