Gamerbase presents Impact'09 - 1000 SF4 tournament 22nd August - Glasgow


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gamerbase are proud to present Impact’09, our first Street Fighter 4 1000 Prize pot tournament to celebrate the launch of our Glasgow gaming centre.

Challenge yourself against some of the best players in the UK and walk away a champion with your share of our huge prize pot! There’s a selection of prizes up for grabs using our frag lotto system, so you could win just for taking part!

1st Place will win 500
2nd place will win 200
3rd place will win 100

There will be 200 worth of prizes awared to people using our fraglotto system (if you win a match, you will receive a point and a lotto ticket, the more matches you win - the more tickets in the lotto!)

The tournament will be played on xbox 360 consoles, but there will be PS3/PC and xbox 360 setups for casual play, unfortunately due to the nature of the tournament, we’re unable to offer PS3’s in tournament games.


The tournament will follow a group stage followed by a knockout bracket, with the usual tournament rules such as:

Pressing Pause in a match will result in a forfeit via time out.

Buttons/mapping must be set before the match and agreed between the two players and the judge.

All characters are allowed.

The group stages will be best of 3 rounds, only one character is allowed and You must make the judge aware of which character you intend to use before the group matches start. The knockout stages will be best of 3 matches so the loser will have the opportunity to counterpick after a loss. Judges decisions are final.

Registration will be open between 9am and 10:30am on the day of the event, with the group stages starting in the early afternoon. Admins will call for players/groups when their match is due to begin and it is the players responsibility to be available for the match at the correct time otherwise they may risk forfeiting the match and face potential disqualification.

There will be breaks throughout the day for lunch etc.

The overall length of the event will be detemined by the total number of entrants. The event may run until 8pm in the evening so travel arrangements should be made accordingly.

For any further questions please leave comments below or contact us through

We look forward to having you attend! :slight_smile:

If you would like to secure you’re spot:
Head over to
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And follow the instructions to pay via paypal.

Don’t hesitate to speak to us if you want to know anything :slight_smile: