GamerBee and RB given a hero's welcome back home in Taiwan

I am tremendously impressed with the Taiwan Street Fighter community. A group of them drove out to the airport (an hour away from Taipei) and welcomed home GamerBee (5th place) and RB (13th place).

EVO 2010 ? Taiwan shocks the world at Protocol Snow

Nice to see that the Taiwan community really appreciates what they’ve done to represent their country at EVO. Very awesome gesture imo.

Good on them! Great sense of community!

Good shit Protocol Snow <3

what a nice scene. coooool.

that is awesome. the scene can only get larger in Taiwan.


Translation in the comments:

GamerBee is dat dude.

Thanks for that link. Taiwan always celebrates its people when somebody gets major recognition outside of the country. They went crazy when a Taiwanese player beat Andy Roddick at Wimbledon this year.

wow. GBee doesnt look 31

Thats awesome. Way to support your members :slight_smile:

damn he made the news lol…

Way to represent my childhood country… Congrats to GamerBee and Arubi…

Does anyone know which “famous” hotel he works at in TaiChung? I pretty much stayed at every major hotel in TaiChung… The most famous one is called the Landis… Just curious, maybe next time I go back, I stop by the one he works at and hit him up for some casuals… LOL

There’s a Taiwanese player called Timm119 (pretty sure that’s his name) that finished #1 in some European tournaments for games like KOF and Blazblue. Wonder why nobody made a big deal of him. He’s meant to be a top tier Taiwan player too, he’s sick on every game he plays. He’s on the homepage atm trying out the new BBCS console game.


I’ve stayed at the Landis before also. Very sweet hotel.

Can’t wait to see him next year, for real.