Gamerbee no top 8



have you guys studied the match up against ibuki that put Gamerbee out? What do you see he did wrong (besides simply dropping that one combo w/ ex RJ as opposed to lkRJ)? Who put him in losers initially?

I call myself a noob although I been playing since I was probably about 8 years old. I just started actually knowing how good people are and how bad I am/was lol. Either way… any insight on this stuff is appreciated.

also… any other top Adon players? I see him on everyone’s tier list but have only seen 1 good one at evo and that’s Gamerbee. I started playing him because of GamerBee’s Adon and am liking him so far. I’ve only been playing him for about a month now and I suck, but I’m getting better. My execution is trash!


Ibuki is a strange MU for Adon … and when I remember correctly he never won against Sako in a tournament … so Sako is basically his Nemesis … bad luck.

It is EVO … if you run into a player you have never beaten + the MU is not in your favor … it can be pretty hard to win in a best of 3 set … Luffy did won against a couple of “nemesis” players but luckily did not had to face Gamerbee … XD … it is the same situation here … Luffy has never beaten Gamerbees Adon … as far as I know … and Adon is a very good Char to fight Rose …

Well … and Gamerbee dropped not only 1 combo / punish … and in this short sets a small failure can be the GG …

Adon in the Tierlist … I cant say how good Adon is acutally … I still love to play him … but overall he has really lost a lot of damage … we need to wait if there will be ne strategies and tech. On paper he still looks strong and he benefits from the new mechanics and is also (more or less) able to deal with DWU … but as you say there are not many top Adons beside Gamerbee … only in Japan you find some good Adon players and we have not seen any real new tech for Adon in the last years … I just hope that he will get some small adjustments … in 2015/16


Ibuki is not best Adon’s match up and Sako had the good idea to take ultra I making the jaguar kick lk useless and the zoning easier , one good read with a backdash to avoid the jk mk and iajk hk and can be victory.

Sako played like you need against Adon , just walk back and wait for the mistakes that will come and GamerBee did a lot mistakes with bad space jk or useless jt , he ate every random ex dp and during the last match , his defense was atrocious , of course it’s easy to criticize seated quietly at home , he’s still one of the best player in the world.
I just don’t really understand why Sako didn’t dwu after the back throw , Adon has an unblockable after.

Concerning Adon , he’s still good , top 10 or almost close.
Heyzeus make top 48 at evo , i don’t know him and maybe american players can talk about him but we still can do result with him.
He has bad match up but to me he’s not really nerf , only the damage of airborne jk is bad , i don’t really feel the difference about the iajk in guard.


Agree … Gamerbee is still one of the best players … but he recently put some more effort into pocket chars as most of the other top players … but I don’t know if he pulled his pocket Yun @ EVO !?

I hate to fight against a solid Ibuki … XD


yeah… I can see what you guys are saying. I guess the matchup just cost him.


Gamerbee trained with Sako in japan for a few weeks last year.
That doesn’t help Gamerbee as much as it did Sako.

As for other Adon’s there is Yoro also from Taiwan he play a rush down Adon.


More a reckless Adon … XD … but isn’t he Gamerbees apprentice ? I like his IAJK shenanigans and he never fears to pull of some very nice 1 framer combos … to maximize damage or simply style … ^^


after rewatching… I think Sako used DWU to his advantage and also jk damage kinda hurt GamerBee. You think he’ll go to Yun now because of the Ultra nerfs on Adon?


Yun was and is a very good Akuma counter pick … and Akuma is one of the MU Gamerbee don’t like … but I don’t think that he will drop Adon … It takes years to be so confident with a char and Adon does not really have a lot of bad MU … sure he also does not have tons of 6:4 MU anymore … but he is still very solid against nearly all top tier chars. I am pretty sure we will see 90% of all top players play there old mains and not fully switch to another char … Look at the dreamhack match Gamerbee vs. Infiltration … Gamerbee counterpicked with Yun and was not able to beat infiltration … because Infiltration knows the MU … he studied it in and out to find ways to beat a bad MU … and Gamerbees Yun was good but not on the level of his Adon …


Overall Yun is a better character than Adon but it’s no so easy to switch , Daigo is good exemple so GamerBee can use the character as a main but it’s not a good idea i think.

His Yun already beat Infiltration (winner final at Dreamhack) and Tokido (first set at grand final in SS 2013) but never two sets bringing him victory.


I have never played Yun. Adon is a BLAST to play, but Yun seems boring to me.