Gamerfinger Led Mod


Does anybody know how to install LED in the HBFS-G2? Also what kind of LED would fit?


3mm though hole LEDs
There a hole on the bottom where the LEDs fit in.


kaimanas and a small bit of hot glue would work just fine.


@armi0024‌ ???


I just hotglued Arc-Eye 3’s to the bottom lol


30mm Pele’salso work great, you can combine them with an adapter board to run off the Kaimana or just use them solo.


Those MX RGB’s will make Gamerfinger button LED mods extra simple. LED built into the switch.


Overall everything said here will work.
The Kaimana board is the easiest to wire.


Do you have a line on when those RGB MX switches drop @armi0024‌?


ok. So i went with the 3mm led. bought some from amazon. I also have the sparky pwm. now do i wire them as i would any other led or is the setup different?