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We were at the EVO 2012 in Vegas and really enjoyed the event. WOW! We have sponsored teams at the MLG events all of 2011 and hosting bible studies as well at the live events. We are looking to sponsor fighter gamers at EVO and other tournaments across the globe. So if you have what it takes go to this page and show us what you got.

Bradley Young
G4C Founder
About me… Brad Young(Founder)
I grew up playing SF2 in arcades when I was younger around 91-93 before I left for the NAVY. I always enjoyed it and who can forget learning about the magic throw by Guile? :slight_smile: I played the super SF’s games, MK, Tekken and other fighting gamers as well growing up. Fast Forward… I helped some Halo 3 gamers in 2010 get to an MLG event and that’s when I realized the need good leadership, spiritual help and prayer from the gamers I was helping and thats what led to the birth of Gamers 4 Christ in 2011. We have had over 640 gamers attend our online bible studies from around the world. Look forward to helping gamers realize their dreams of being a professional gamer and if not, showing them how to conduct them self and maybe finding their purpose in life… We have been interviewed by Tyler Paper and the video is available to view on our website. Thanks for reading…

SRK Lounge, Bawston Edition. GO SAWX!

I’m an atheist, can i still sign up?


Your more than welcome to do so…

Bradley Young
G4C Founder


This is so swell, me and my internet girlfriend would love to join. Now if only I could get her to come back to this site and tell me things that make me feel good about myself.


What’s the input for turning the other cheek?



i love god and buddah and stuff

can i have money please


Sent an application in, intriguing :slight_smile:


We are called to turn the other cheek but its hard because we want to defend “Self”. Jesus said, he made himself a man of no reputation. Read below. So when we don’t have to defend our self we are able to do so. Its not easy and you have to have a heavenly mind set of the word of God to do so but it is possible. Im not perfect and mess up but this is a choice or action in which we are called to take. It’s the mature response. I think we need to defend our self on certain things if we are being physical threatened but if you look at the life of Jesus you the bible you will know better how to respond.(John, Matthew, Luke, Mark, and other new test books) He did Stand Up for those being oppressed and against the ones who preached the law/Old Covenant to the people since he was the new covenant sent to be the payment for our sins. Setting us free from the law and free to serve in spirit and truth…

God Bless,
Bradley Young
G4C Founder
twitter: Gamers4Christ
twitch: Live Bible Studies every Thursday and Sunday @ 7 or 8pm CST
[SIZE=4][SIZE=16px]Philippians 2:7[/SIZE]

New International Version (NIV)[/SIZE]
7 rather, he made himself nothing[FONT=monospace] by taking the very nature[a] of a servant, being made in human likeness.[/FONT]


Akuma defeats opponents by taking them to hell and having them raped to death by demons. Will Akuma players be welcomed with open arms to your team?


I don’t think he got the joke. :slight_smile:


I applaud Brad for making a account here on SRK and posting something like this. Even if you folks criticize him and all, the man deserves his props.


I sincerely think that organized religion is the absolute worst thing that has ever happened to this planet.

Where can I try out? Can I still play characters with conflicting religions to yours? Will I go to hell because of it? What about hadoukens being sort of like magic? Will you have a GG team?

Please respond.


Dear Gamers 4 Christ,

I will sincerely consider applying for your help in the future. Simply not at this time, because I need to become a stronger player and able to represent you properly. My only concern at this time is your stance on other Bible versions? I hold strongly to the King James Bible and would not feel comfortable wearing material with Scripture other than the King James.



if I make a rival team “Gamers4Satan” and we beat you in the GF of a tournament will your faith in God be shaken?


Is Mortal Kombat frowned upon? Can I use Morrigan still?


Dont you think fighting games are a little uh…violent? wwjd?


@Sovi3t, Characters are characters, I am a Christian and have played games for most of my life.

@Rabbit2k7, Everyone is entitled to their oppinon, i wish you would feel other wise, but all i can do is offer the chance for salvation through Jesus.
Also, there is no “try out” use the link on G4C’s website to put down basic information and video’s on places like “YouTube” so show your skill.
This will all make sense when you use this link:
@Tataki, We get the joke. But as far as Events, GB, or Gameplay we compete competitively. The only difference is when we go home after wining/losing a tournament we try to avoide Pride in ourself’s,Trash Talking, or becoming upset at our team, our selfs, or other players because even the top teams don’t stay in 1st forever.


@IglooBob, Our faith will never be shaken by losing a tournament, match or even a home. Our faith is tested every day. We have trials and tribulation in our life that we struggle with. Some struggle financially, Others with relationships, or any number of things. If you feel your struggles have become unbearable, remember that god is always here with his hand out ready to pull you from the darkness and into the light.


Thread of the year.

Place your bets if you aren’t afraid of sinning.


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