~Gamers, and Cosplay, and Djs - Oh My!~

This is an event, the name is probably still up in the air. It will be held at Mt Tabor Lounge, and the Date is Locked down for February 24th! Doors open at 6:30pm - events start at 7Pm and run till 1 am!

THERE IS NO DOOR FEE - This is a Free to enter event! Enjoy a night of Tournaments, Contests, Gaming and Costumes - for free!

We are looking for Gamers and Cosplayers, people 21+ interested in enjoying a night of games and cosplay, at an amazing Venue. The Cosplay Contest will be just for fun, no prizes as of this point - as this is a first time event.

Confirmed Prizes for Game Tournament!
1st Place MvC3 - 50 Gamestop Gift Card
1st Place SF4 - 50 Gamestop Gift Card

This will be at a 21+ Venue, IDs are required. There will be two Game Tournaments to choose from. We will be having a Marvel Vs Capcom Three Ultimate Edition, and a Street Fighter Four Arcade Edition.(Provided by a friend of mine, and we will be using Arcade controllers for both games, I believe. Bring your own Arcade stick, if you feel particular about using yours.)

We only have openings for about 16 players for each game. We will also have retro game consoles available on the sides of the room - four consoles in total, with a selection of games for each. These are items on loan, so please treat them nicely (I think that’s a reasonably fair request).

For the Gamin Tournament this will be a two players in, three round system. Winner advances to next level of the circuit. I’m sorry we do not have a losers bracket, but this is a first time event and we don’t want to bite off more then we can chew. You can sign up for the tournament via contacting me here, or showing up. We will have walk in entries available, but those positions may be very few.

For the Cosplay Contest we will have FOUR entry positions, for your consideration. You can show up and enter in with a simple form, and the winner is chosen by the crowd. The four entry positions are - Best Overall (This will be composed of the three winners from the other contests) - Best Homemade Costume (You have made this yourself) - Best Storebought (Meaning online, paid someone else to make. Please do not put a storebought in the Homemade, we want proper recognition given to the creators) - Best Closet Cosplay (Meaning, you happened to have things in your closet that could be thrown together into an awesome Cosplay). Please note that PROP WEAPONS will NOT be allowed, it is not a large venue, and we do not have properly trained Peacebonding staff - as of this time.

This is /not/ a Large event, the max amount of people we can fit into the event are about 80, so if you have an interest get in touch. We will be working on getting Ticket Sales set up, as soon as we set the date. The Location /is/ in Portland, and has never done something like this before.

We will have live music, played by Djs specially selected because they will be playing music that will enhance the gaming experience - instead of distracting the players. A selection of game remixes, and the like - will be present at this event.

IF you have any questions, please feel free to ask. If you want to participate in either of the three events happening, please feel free to leave a message here.

I might be able to show up. Also the DJ should play songs like these:

Song 1

Song 2

The DJs selected to give you live music while you play, were selected because of their Gamer experience. Both of the Djs selected are gamers, and they will be playing music that will amp up the mood - instead of distracting the players. OtakuDee, is one of the DJs - he’s an up and comer in the portland community. This will be his first live show, and he will be selling his album - which includes several game influenced songs.

If you wish to know some of his work, you can easily find him on Facebook or Youtube or Soundcloud as OtakuDee - his Project is called Digital Bloodline.

Tentative EVENT date posted! Working on schedule and details for event, to lock down the ability to reveal the amazing Venue being used for this Event! Stay tuned for more updates!

Also to be added - once schedule and details are finished being concluded - is the list of the DJs performing, and links to any of their work already on the internet. So you know what you will be listening to at this event!

Prize confirmation for Game TOURNAMENTS! 50$ Gamestop Gift Card to the 1st place winner of each of the two tournaments.

Event Date has been locked down! Confirmed. Confirming final details, before releasing the Venue!

Venue has been released! And Event Fee is Free! That means get your gaming and drinking fun on at Mt. Tabor Theater! (In the Lounge room) I hope to see you all there.

Yup, this will be a good recruiting point for the local fighting game community.  Hopefully see some new people there!

Pdx_jive, you’ll be attending? Hope to see you there! Shouldn’t hard to find me, ask for the woman running the event. :D<br>

Yup, should be fun.  I get back in town day of, and if no delays or distractions will be there : )