Gamer's EDGE Woodbridge, NJ March28th STF4 tournament!

Street Fighter 4 Tournament 3-28-2009 at Woodbridge Center Mall, NJ. Rules will be posted soon. Tournament location will be in Gamers Edge Lounge on the 1st floor across from wendy’s. Bring your best GameFace and see if u got what it takes to face the best in StREET FIGHTER 4.

Call 732-636-7100<~~Store# for more info on tournament location and Time of event.

GAMER’S EDGE in WoodBridge Mall,New Jersey Holds monthly tournaments in games such as Halo3,Gears of war2, call of duty4&5,Madden, Street Fighter 4, etc. Gamer’s Edge also host Lan Partys,B-day Partys, and Mini Tourneys in our beautiful Gamer Lounge. HD TV’s everywhere and great Gamer Atmosphere. 732-636-7100 is the store # or contact me threw GAMERNOOK. COM for more details.
MARCH 28th, 2009 STREET FIGHTER 4 tournament!!!
Check out the tournament/ladders page for more updates on tourneys.

GAMER’s EDGE = Gamer Heaven!!!

ahhh i wish i can go to this but theres another tourney im set to attend to on the same day -.-

What time is it? and is it BYOC?

um…every time i call the store it says disconnected.

I actually visited the Store these past Saturday and I handed out my fair share off A$$ whooping in Street Fighter 4 even the staff got some as well. I actually have most of the details for this Tournament since I do have a Flyer but I did ask the necessary question. I will try to answer as much as I can.I even did mention them about the Best Buy Tournament that was Maybe plan for the same day in East Brunswick but I’ve yet to hear anything about it

REG: $5 Platform XBOX 360

The Tournament will Be a One day Event. In the Elimination rounds all players will have 5 matches. the First Player to win 3 wins advance in the Tournament. You will be allowed to change your Character in each match even though it is not required. All characters will be unlocked. In the final Round The Player will have seven Matches;The First player to 4 wins will be named the Gamers edge 2009 Street fighter 4 Champion. Winner will recieve a $150 Gift Certificate towards anything in the store,a free Gamers Edge T-shirt and a Trophy. at The Next SF4 Tournament you will have the right to defend your trophy. You don’t have to play in the elimination rounds, you don’t pay the Reg fee and all you do is play the winner of the next tournament. Defend your trophy 5 times and the store will sponsor you to the big gaming tournament in Las Vegas.

After the Tournament is Over the Store will hold open Challenges.any player that feels he has what it takes to beat any of the gamers edge team member are more then welcome to challenge the store for a cash prize first person to have 5 wins above their column wins. $25 Cash is the prize per challenge.

This everything on the flyer

I did ask about BYOC and Arcade Sticks. The gamers Edge employee Spoke with his manager and he said yes, so it does look Like you can bring your Sticks. Now the other thing I want to mention is that I was told by the staff that the BEST OF THE BEST Will be there:confused: I faced most of the Guys that are signed for up for it including the manager and I Straight up dominated then.:lovin: as far I know so far there are around 20+ Players signed up already. I think this Tournament is gonna be fun to be in because the people at the store are Cool People and GOOD GAMERS. I may have handed out Beat downs but it was nothing but respect from the player who lost to me. I have yet to decide if I want to join this Tournament because the fact that I’m a PS3 player but my skills are mirror in 360 however I still did lose in the 2nd round of the GameStop Tournament:sad: oh and one more thing Far I as Know Button mapping is O.K.

So if you got nothing to do on Saturday the 28th check it out

Thanks for the info, but…what time is it? I’m trying t decide if i’m going to do this tourney and the best buy one or just one of them.

Honestly I don’t know:lol:But I am going back to the Store I’m going to try to make tomorrow(Tuesday) But The way my Schedule is Thursday will be the day I can make it to the mall with out any problems as Far as the Best Buy Tournament in East brunswick I have left comments on the thread here and the Capcom-Unity thread as well But I have yet to hear back from Taigo who was the one who ran it last time. As Soon I find more information regarding both tournaments I will Post ASAP!

OK Got an update:

The Tournament Starts at 11:00am. They are going to do warm up rounds for players who want to warm up. They did say the earlier the better you can come in.They are insisting on Pre-Registration because as right now it is shaping up to be a 30+ Player tournament. Bracket system is shaping up to be an A/B they want to make sure the brackets are correct. it is BYOC Event as far as Arcade Stick goes you can bring them,Just make sure you are there early enough to make sure the Stick works with their 360. Wireless Sticks are welcomed as well but Please get there early to make sure it works with the 360.

I signed up today at Gamer’s Edge. The ppl i played were about the same lvl as u played. i beat everybody there. I’m sure the better players will show at the tournament tho.

Yeah I think so too

I would so show up if I wasn’t busy that day

so they are definitely not accepting walk-ins at this thing? i’m not 100% sure i can go so i don’t really want to pre-register. how do you pre-reg anyway? just call that number that was posted?

You have to go there. Reg fee is 5$ non refundable.

far as I know you can walk in and pay the the registration fee of $5 the store just wants to do Pre Reg so that the brackets systems is set up Right and it is order. Tomorrow I’ll be going to sign up for this(Friday) So Rolento13 I hope I get to play you in the Tournament I’m always looking for New Rivals.

I posted my matches here
I came in 5th :slight_smile: