Gamers got robbed, robbers shocked that gamers fought back (video included)



Here is my wallet and my money. My nintendo DS? Fuck NO. Punch


Haha, nice.

I wonder if any of them plays fighting games seriously.


I saw this vid on GameSpot’s forums.

They only fought back because the robbers weren’t armed.


“You can’t have my Pokemon!” punch

I would probably go apeshit over my DS, as well.


wasnt this on xbox live top news blade?


If you think outside the box and play detective…
if a robber wants to steal your DS and is willing to fight you for it, most like he is a nerd also which means he most likely he can’t fight.


I kept waiting for the [media=youtube]glu5wr5LRm4#t=0m13s[/media] to play at the end there


How long until this vid gets the Guile Theme?


Not so gangsta now that they got beat up by a couple of nerds.


lol I remember seeing this on the news


lol these mutherfuckers are gamers robbing gamers?


Guess they didn’t really have a gun


nah didnt you listen…they werent gangsters they were nerds themselves. they actually come into the store and have a file on them.


Gamer on gamer violence:sad:


They were robbing the place without so much as a knife?


The two aren’t mutually exclusive (see chicago gamers), but I just assumed when I saw bandannas.


Yeah… All did do was buck at the nerdy gamers. No weapon at all to intimidate? They obviously haven’t been playing the right kinds of games; GTA, Saint’s Row, etc…


i know nothing about chicago. but when they got a file on you…i assume you come in often…especially since the gamers remember your face. means they came in hella recent.


LOL at the robbers having to pull their friend OUT of the store. Watching that part of the video just makes me smile.


that robbers punch was hella weak