Gamers ignore corpse in Internet cafe

wtf? Died with his arms stretched out? nobody gave a fuck!

Yeah but he’d only been playing 10 straight hours. In Taiwan, that shit is normal. He wasn’t even over the amount he paid for. People around him were probably goin “This guy is already dozing after only 10 hours? Lightweight.”


Bitches be too busy grinding for epic mobs, yo!

Lol wtf,

He bought 23 hours worth of internet time to play WoW and nobody noticed he was dead until it ended, or gave a shit, what is this world coming to…

They thought he would respawn.

A gamer who was completely sedentary, had facial discoloration, and was probably emitting a foul smell? No wonder nobody noticed.

i posted this over in the League of Legends thread. And yes, my link was full of respawn jokes.

Asia, no surprise either way (gaming death and public nonchalance). People in hyper-condensed populations (or is it just Asia, Idunno) just don’t GAF about things that don’t directly affect them and mind their own business. Kid got run down a couple times by vehicles? I could help, but fuck it, I want some noodles. Why’s that crazy lady risking her ass and crying over somebody she doesn’t know? Dead guy in the way at cafe? Push him onto the floor or choose a different seat.

No one noticed Tom Cruise on the train why the fuck would we notice a minority?

Corpse was already looted. Would have cast Corpse Explosion but nobody I needed to kill was nearby and the corpse’s Max HP is rather low.

Maxed CE = lulzfest

Could have cast revive or at least made use of a skeleton. Probably smelled too bad to get near.

I can understand the fact that no one wanted to cleanse UA, but if it was organ failure that screwed him over, he could have easily just popped trinket and disengaged the kidney shot-smoke bomb.

His e-buddies thought he went afk

Damn, is that a picture of his ass? Laid back in the seat arms out.


Either you check to see if a guy is dead, realize he is dead, and have all your real money go down the drain because now you just have to tell the cafe owners that there is a dead guy here OR keep playing until the cops arrive. “Nope, didn’t have a clue at all that my mans was dead officer.”

This is why I love SRK. Turning tragedy into humor :rofl:

I wouldnt notice if I was playing cvs2/mgo

just sayin bruh

i thought the body could go days without sleep, but guess i was wrong