Gamers in GTA/Sauga


This is Zex just with an announcement, a new or old group which ever suits you. known as WGG (We Got Game) is starting a tournament in september 26. I am responsible for registration.

WGG is a lan centre on the rise and is very fair to its crowd. Having said that this is the guys first tournament for SF4 he usually does shooters, the price is undecided because we want to make it affordable but also able to “Help out” the cause. So Please if you are interested E-mail me ( with just your real name, last name, Alias (What you will go by in the tournament) and how much your wiling to pay.

The more you pay the more you will get back thats what WGG is known for. but for now I ask that you decide the price i’ll run it through with the manager of the tournament and keep you posted.

Dixie Value Fea Market
1250 south service road