Gamer's Inc SSF4 Tournament; Orlando, FL

Hey summer is about to end and school going to start. but before that happens let have some fun, with a SUPER STREET FIGHTER 4 Tournament

It will take place at Gamers Inc. at Waterford Lakes next to Simply Yogurt

    ** 504 N Alafaya Trl, #111, 

Orlando, FL 32828**
Sunday, August 22nd, 2010
Casual, Setting Up, Warming Up Time: 12 PM
Estimated Starting Time of 1st Tournament: Between 1-1:30 PM
All Tournaments after will have about a 15 min - 20 Min Gap in between

*Door Fee is $5
There will be 3 Tournaments!
(Maybe 4 if we finish on time and on how many people show up)*

Please ACT YOUR AGE AND HAVE FUN. The manager was nice to let me host here, so I hope to see that same respect back from everyone, if i see anything wrong i well ask you to leave and no refund!!!

We'll have 1 PS3 (which is mine) for Casuals.

Xbox 360 will be the system used for the tourneys.

We will need extra copies of SSF4, so if you could please help support with that, that would be greatly appreciated!

*If you plan to bring you own set-up for casuals and whatnot, please PM me and let me know!*
  • General Rules:
    o 2/3 Rounds 99 sec
    o 2/3 Matches, 3/5 for Finals
    o Double Elimination
    o Winner can Not Change Ultras between matches. Loser May Change Ultra and Character.*

Money Pot will be be split 70/20/10

Tournament #1: New Characters Tournament
New Characters Only...
Fee $5

Tournament #2:Traditional Tournament
Fee $5

Tournament #3: Random Select Tournament
Fee is $3
**Single Elimination**

Tournament #4 (If we Have Time): 2v2 Tournament
Fee is $10. $5 per team member
**Single Elimination**

***Hope to see you all there!!!***

So when is this…?

All times are on now…
I’m sorry I’m just still getting everything ready, forgive the sloppiness!

Gonna do my best to make it out :slight_smile:

Date has been changed due to short notice!

New date is on the first post, hopefully this will allow us to have more people in!


Bump for justice.

looking forward to it

Posting Up the winners and photo later on tonight.

Thanks for everyone that showed up to the tournament. i know i was a lil dis organize but give a break was my 1st time. now that i know what to do. i will be better prepared with bracket list. Sorry for the confusing i had a lot in my tournament is in sept but i dunno what day cause Torrin hosting Ranbats there soon.

i would say host it the week after ran bats(he does his every other week) so the 11th(he’s doing ranbats ont he 5th) of course this all depends on when the next will’s pub is.