Gamers oF Glendale/Phoenix Metro

Let me try this again,
I just got back from abroad, where it was extremely easy to host and find peeps for sessions, but ive been back for a bit now and UMVC3 is out so im ready to do this right.
Im looking to host a friendly gamer session and feel out the local community, cuase i think i spoiled myself rotten playing face to face with feedback and great commentary, and since Phoenix Is crapping out at arcades rightnow. BoO! I guess im gonna try this myself, I got an XBOX and PSn and two great t.vs to do this on with a couple of regulars my friends down to join. Just need a few more to make it a session. Nothing serious just a few of us getting together if you happen to be in the area and need to spar or want to chill with a gamer crowd. Im thinking the end of this month after the Xmas before New years. Hit me up if you are interested and ill respond with date and times. Pad warriors welcome, Joystick at your own risk.

Here’s our AZ thread, you might want to start there if you’re looking to jump into the community here. AZ Thread. hAZbats start this saturday! 1/21. Check First posts