Gamer's Vision 3S Ranbat March 4th results. No, vids are not out yet

Went to the ranking battle this past saturday with Ack. Tons of top players were there like Nitto, Raoh, Zangeof, Senaka, Nuki, Mester, Thanatos, Aruka, etc… Here’s the results.

1st: Senaka
2nd: Zangeof
3rd: Raoh
4th: Ack (Toronto)
5~8th in no particular order: Thanatos, Masaru, Pierre and some other guy i don’t remember.

Lots of upsets in the 1st round this time. Nuki, Mester, Nitto and Aruka all got knocked out in the first round. And Aruka lost to a girl using Makoto.

Fubarduck lost in the 2nd round against Zangeof and I lost to Pierre in the 2nd round. Ack lost to Senaka and then Raoh.

Fun times all around. For some reason, Kokujin and Ichigoh noshowed even though they work there. And KO hasn’t showed since he won SBO qualifiers in January. Guess he’s hiding his stuff for SBO.

Oh shit I want to see!! Looking forward to seeing Ack playing after the hype in 3s general discussion. Also Thanatos and Zangeof! :lovin: :angel:

Oh man Ack and Senaka both use red Urien, who picks the color first wins

I can beat Ack, and then he’ll come over and tell me how cheap I am.

Haha Ack comes over and tells me a good Ken would never dash back.

damn the new order is here tell me more about this gurl that beat aruka

ack tells me i’m the best chunli in T.O
and i think he’s right

japan 3s is in such a weird level that no one can predict anything …
that’s why i love this game.

Zangeof and KSK FTW!!! :tup:

WTF?! Aruka lost to a girl? I GOTTA see this!

The video is out.

If anybody is interested in that girl using makoto there’s a vid of her team playing in the finals of SBO qualifiers here:

she’s the grey makoto.