Gamer's Vision moving?


(I don’t know a word of Japanese.)

I used the Japanese-to-English beta translator on google and it says something about Gamer’s Vision being moved on the Gamer’s Vision webpage.

Can anyone confirm or deny?

I wouldn’t doubt it since KSK posted it.

And yeah, from Babelfish-ing it, it seems that they are moving.

yeah but… what is the new address?

Noooo where are my ranbats?

from what i’m guessing the last one is on saturday and then they’ll do the next one when they open the new place

Yes! Gamer’s vision is moving about 2 km away from its current location. I had a chance to stop by and check out the place during construction and it’s huge! They have the whole building to themselves (2 stories).

Looks like its gonna be an awesome place when its finished.

Wow, that’s really great news. :tup:

Thanks for the update pyrolee. (Looking forward to more “USA” chants in ranbats! :tup:)

And thank you KSK. :pray:

damn, a whole building for an arcade is sick :rock:

i wish i could go there someday

can you tell me the new address please, or at least some indications on how to reach it? (not with the old G’sV as reference since I don’t know where it is either). It’s for a friend who’s going to japan the next month.

Thanks, and happy Genei Jin

The train station it’s going to be next to is called Nishi Yokohama, it’s two stops away from Yokohama station on the Sagami Tetsudo Line. It should take about 3 minutes from Yokohama station. Make sure your friend takes the local train, the express doesn’t stop there.

It should be open around the end of this month. After it opens, I’ll go check it out and then I’ll be able to give directions on how to get there from the station (most game centers are within 2 or 3 minutes walking distance from the closest train station, so it won’t be terribly hard to find once you’re in Nishi Yokohama).

There was a map at the old Gamer’s Vision (which is either closed already or is closing really soon; the last tournament there was a 3 on 3 this past Sunday) on how to get to the new one, but I was too lazy to look at it, I figured I’d just find out when it opened =)

Tell your friend to say what’s up when he visits. I’ll be the only white guy there.

Thanks a lot fubarduck, I’ll tell him though he’ll probably leave japan before if new gamer’s vision is open only by the end of this month.
(but the direction would be useful anyways for future reference. Maybe some day I will be able to get to japan too)

btw he’s willing to go watching the 5th Cooperation Cup (and maybe playing if he finds some teammates) - he’s already been to Game Newton but, just for confirmation, is the Coop. Cup on the 18th of this month right? Which time does it start?



The 5th cooperation cup seem to be moved to beat tribe arcade center.

:pray: :pray:

gogo man! Repping Italy!