Gamer's vision ranbat

Hello, I’m a beginner at third strike and I can’t tell, but are the gamer’s vision ranbats encoded to play faster, or do the Japanese simply play at a faster setting? It sometimes seems like some of the moves are missing frames or are faster than normal.


Unless something is wrong with your playback, e.g. some setting is causing it to play faster than normal, no. They play on the same exact settings Americans play on. And everything I’ve heard says PS2 and Xbox are actually slightly faster than arcade.

Nope, they’re just good.

Well for me to make a guess at it…it’s probably just the video is being recorded at a different frame rate than what the game is running at. So like when people activate Genei Jin the shadow effects dont always appear the way they would if you were playing at the arcade or on your PS2. You’re seeing the game at the full 60 fps as opposed to in a video where the frames you see are usually reduced in half.

that has nothing to do with the speed, it just reduces the amount of frames shown in one second, making it look choppier.

Its your eyes, their fucked up =]