Gamers with Jobs


Just wanted to see how many people on here have 9 to 5 + overtime type jobs who make time for gaming. Trying to see how ya’ll fit in gaming into your busy schedule. DOes anybody play any time consuming games while working, such as WOW or Oblivion?

Also, Who is on the forums at


I work 10am-7pm every day. I work as a tech support agent for our local ISP so I kind of just play Minecraft or my DS at work all day. I don’t play a lot of single player games and I have a group of friends I try to play multiplayer with (League of Legends, Bad Company 2) so I don’t play unless they are online as well.


I work for a hospital and I work graveyard. So I literally will game at work (Online games like LoL included). When I worked my regular shift in the mornings, I would spend time with my family and always try to get an hour in before sleep or when I woke up before work (usually the latter).


I work a full time job and I play DC Universe Online everyday at lease 5+hours.


I like to game late night but i have no job except service the asian wife when she’s in the mood…


Most of my gaming time during the week is just quick fixes via portable consoles before bed. Weekends tend to be when I get my real gaming in, more or less.





I work as a murse, and I still make way modding sticks and playing video games.

  • Work in the day, and I RPG/Fighting game practice on the evenings/weekends. Either that or something long after work. I’d play Clubhouse Games every so often, to get my Texas Hold’em up, on the way back from a grueling day.


I’m working full time and trying to finish a portfolio to get back into school. I usually get off work at midnight so right now I might Yakuza 3 for an hour or so when I get home. Otherwise I usually just got to my friend’s place for a few rounds of whatever before work or when I have an evening off.


I work 9-6 with traveling times of 2 hours a day. I try to game at least every other day but things like fiancee, work, and life doesnt allow me to.

Good thing that my Fiancee is so understanding because having to explain my gaming habits would be annoying.


8-4, frequent overtime. I used to be able to work then come home and stay up until 3 in the morning gaming, hit the sack then be up for work in the morning. Now it takes a herculean effort to play games on weekdays, I haven’t touched my 360 in two weeks.

Most days I come home, tired, and just lay in bed watching mindless TV then sleep, or I go out and do something semi-productive. Dead Space 2 on Tuesday though, going to just kick that games ass.


I work 0930-1630. When I get off, it’s family time up until about 2030 or 2100. Once the kid is asleep, I watch TV for about an hour, shower up service the wife and then go to bed. However, Sunday at 2400, I game until I can’t game no more. Then sleep until about noon and then it’s family time again.


I work 8:30-5:30 (depending on whether i have a project) monday - friday (also depending on whether i have a project) doing IT mainly with databases and i usually game at night or on wknds. I usually play sf, fifa or nba games. I try to split time between gaming and game dev, but its kinda hard when you don’t have too many friends that want to do game dev as well. I dont get into games like WoW since it takes a hellacious amount of time, whereas SF and Fifa, you can just keep practicin and become good. Basically, you’re level of play depends more on how you play vs how much you play.


8-4 work mon-sat + 3hr classes four nights a week.

I play 1-2 hrs a night before bed. Once I get outta work on saturdays I usually play all wknd till its time for work again.

Hopefully I find a new job soon, hate working on the weekend :frowning:


i work 4am-12:30pm monday-friday. i get 1 hour to myself to game before i have to pick my kids up from school. when they get home it’s a wrap. i play on weekends late when the wife and kids are all sleeping.


I work 37-45 hour weeks. My social life is pretty much nonexistent since I don’t give a damn about it, I actually have time for everything but I usually don’t have the energy. I’m currently working on setting up a daily schedule for myself consisting of work, working out, studying, and gaming. I play whenever I feel like it. Sometimes I play everyday for a week or so and sometimes I don’t play a damn thing for weeks on end.


I generally play on my days off, and that’s bearing if my research papers and assignments are done. Sucks not being able to sit your ass down and game when you want to.


This generation is filled with working adults who love to kick back and relax playing video games. Most young adults grew up playing mario bros, final fantasy, street fighter, etc. When i’m at work, I can always have an instant conversation with my bosses/peers about the latest games, shooters, etc. There’s an entire branch where I work that plays starcraft, and don’t get me started on WoW… So, i’ts not unheard of.

I think this is more of an American thing than anything else… When I went home to visit my family in Jamaica, most of the guys my age were busting their ass trying to make a dollar and viewed games as something for children… Not a good look playing games when people are busting their ass to make ends meet.


830am-5pm is the standard for me. I game for about 4-6 hours a day if i have no errands to do. When MW2 was out i was playing 8 hours easy.

Any hardcore gamer without a job should be playing at least 12-14 hours a day.

edit: oh and i work as a system admin, so i stare at computer screens all day already. Shit is not good for your eyes :{