Gamertag sharing thread [XBL metatag is 'SkullgirlsSRK']


State your country, state or province (with appropriate 2 letter abbreviation), gaming platform and gamertag/PSN account here. Also feel free to tell which games (fighting or otherwise) besides SG you will play.

Use of the following format is necessary! Copy it in your post and edit accordingly! Posts that aren’t follow it will be ignored and won’t be added to the list!

Location: AB(continent), CD(country), EF(province)
PSN: put (none) if you don’t have one
XBLA: put (none) if you don’t have one

Do not forget to use abbreviations in the first string and put “none” in 2nd or 3rd if you’re not using one of the platforms!

All your information will go to
this magnificent list courtesy of worldjem7
Check if information stated there is accurate. Otherwise let worldjem know so he can correct it.

Also Pobega has created XBL metatag called SkullgirlsSRK so feel free to use it. PM him if you have any troubles.

*“Metatags are simple. A metatag is just an XBL account which a bunch of people who want to play a specific game add to their friends list; when it comes time to play, all you have to do is view the metatag’s friends to see who’s online playing now! It’s 100 friends for the price of one!” *

Have a nice day! :slight_smile: Shark out.

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US, 360 Pooplos Z


Greetings comrade! =]
Are there any other games besides SG you want to play?


Gamertag: I’d be willing to bet that everyone can figure out my gamertag on the first guess.
Country: US
Systems: 360, PC, PS3 (though it’s currently broken and I’m too lazy/busy to repair it)
Games played: Whatever it says is the most recently played. I don’t stay on non-FG games for too long. >.>


Gamertag: Howtoread
PSN ID: Howtoread_UK
Country: UK
Systems: 360, PS3

I also play MK and MVC


Daytona USA, heh. Seriously tho, I play most fgs. I <3 KOFXIII but I don’t play it online cuz it suxxx.

I really will play Daytona USA.


Country: USA, SoCal
XBL: Blank Card 520 (I will mainly be playing SG on XBLA)
PSN: Blank_Card_520
Games: BBCS, SCV, SFxT, UMvC3


PSN: leoxaeris
Country: US
System: PS3, PC
Games: Arcana 3, BB:CS, KOFXIII, (U)MvC, WipeOut HD


Country: USA…
XBox gamertag: mimeman1

I play AE, Ultimate occasionally, and Sometimes 3rd strike.Sadly, KoF online makes me cry inside, so none of that.


XBL: domo is special.
Country: US
System: X-box 360, PS2,PC.
Games: Blazblue cs, Blazblue cs EX, UMvC3, Skullgirls


PSN: Superior_Tech
Midwest USA
I’ll also get the PC version when that comes out, hopefully on Steam.
I’ll (very) occasionally play MvC2, AE, ST, 3S or AH3, but once BasedBroads drops, that’s pretty much all I’m going to be playing.


I don’t really like these cuz I usually just add people I’ve already played, but sure!

PSN: Thiediev
Country: US
Games: This, UMvC3


Gamer Tag: Kamai Smurf
Location: U.S
System: Xbox 360
Fighting Games: Mortal Kombat and Super Street Fighter 4(which i don’t really play)


PSN: Blaken7
Country: Mexico (Whaat only me?)
Games: This, UMvC3


PSN + XBL: GomuJonny
Country: UK
Games: AE


PSN: InXplotch
US (east coast)
Other FGs: BB CS, SSFIVAE, SFIII TS, might get Arcana 3 at some point or another.


Gamertag: worldjem
PSN: worldjem7 (gamertag used to be worldjem7 but then I realized that there’s no one else named worldjem so I can just use it everywhere)
Country: Canada
System: PS3, PC

Also play BlazBlue and for fun AH3, 3S:OE and MvC2


country: usa
xbl: stevotehleet
(also play marvel on xbl)
psn: stevotehleet
majority of the time im on the xbox but we are getting it for both to ensure everyone in the house gets ample time on the sticks :stuck_out_tongue:


Country: USA
PSN: pyroquinfran
I play Little Big Planet 2 quite often. If you feel like joining me in my sackie shenanigans, i’m open for it.


Xbox 360: Wafflenaut
Country: United States
Games: BBCS + SG