Gamerz Edge SF4 Tournament Sicklerville NJ Nationwide LAN Event April 11th

A one day event will be held at Gamerz Edge LLC Lan center in Sicklerville New Jersey for Street Fighter 4. The Tournament begins at 1PM and lasts throughout the entire day. It is mainly a competition between lan centers so if one is closer to you that is participating in the event feel free to play there. The top two from each lan center will play eachother online in a playoff bracket up until the finals. Bored on the 11th? Why not come out and show your skills?

For more questions -

856-630-7984 - Brohemian, for directions/questions about the tournament.

"Street Fighter 4 Semi-Pro

Noon EST Registration, 1 PM EST Start Time
$15 per player
$300 Prize Pool

Event Description:

Street Fighter 4 proved to be an amazing game for competition last month so ggCircuit is bringing it back for another month in April!

Players compete locally starting at 1 PM EST and immediately following local brackets the top 2 players from each game center come together for the online finals.

One change for this tournament is that arcade sticks are allowed but not necessarily provided so feel free to bring your sticks or check with your local center to see if they have them available.

Payout for this event will be:
1st - $150
2nd - $100
3rd - $50

Event Settings:

  1. The Brackets are double elimination. The characters are chosen in the format stated below in rule #6.
  2. After losing in the winners bracket players will fall into the Losers Bracket.
  3. A loss in the Losers Bracket will result in elimination from the tournament.
  4. A player in the Losers Bracket can still win the tournament.
  5. Matches consist of 3 best of 3 rounds series. A player must win 2 best out of 3 rounds fights to win the match.
  6. The higher seed will host the first fight and pick their character. Once the character is chosen they may not switch. The lower seed will then chose their character. In the second fight the lower seed hosts and picks their character first followed by the higher seed picking their character. If the third fight is needed the player losing the most rounds will host and chose character first and the player winning the most matches will chose character second. If both players have won the same amount of rounds the lower seed hosts and picks their character first followed by the higher seed picking their character.

Default settings will be used except for the following:

Rounds (Best Of): 5
Time Limit: 99
Private Slots: On
Handicap: Off

Seth: Banned - Illegal

Click here to see the event rules

Event Rules:

Legal Controllers

Players may use Microsoft official 360 WIRED controllers or arcade sticks. No turbo modifications are allowed. No third party controllers will be allowed at the tournament besides those approved by the local center administrator. Controllers will be provided in most cases but check with your game center for details."

For more information on the center feel free to contact me

Are sticks provided?

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