Games, Electronics, Arcade Parts, Movies, etc

Im going to be selling a crap load of stuff that at least 1 person might be interested in.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma. $25 Shipped(SOLD)
Grand Theft Auto 4. $35 Shipped
Soul Calibur 4. $30 Shipped
Time Crisis 4 $20 Shipped (game itself), GunCon3 (optional) $15 + $5 Shipping(SOLD)
Virtua Fighter 5 $25 Shipped(SOLD)

ALL PS2 Games are $10 shipped.
Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution
KOF: Maximum Impact (includes the bonus disc as well)
Street Fighter EX3 (SOLD)
Fight Night 2004
Tomb Raider: Angel Of Darkness
Soul Calibur 2
Soul Calibur 3
Dead Or Alive 2: Hardcore
Urban Reign
True Crime: Streets Of LA
God Hand
Bloody Roar 4
Bloody Roar 3
Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3
Dave Mirra’s Freestyle BMX 2
Action Reply Max (Cheating Disc)

ALL Dreamcast games are $10 shipped
Dave Mirra’s Freestyle BMX
Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2
World Series Baseball 2K1
Dead Or Alive 2
Tomb Raider Chronicles
Street Fighter Alpha 3
NBA Hoopz
Shenmue (Sold)
Ready 2 Rumble Boxing: Round 2
NFL Blitz 2000
Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike(SOLD)

All PC games $10 shipped
Quake 3 Arena + Quake 3 Team Arena
Doom: Collector’s Edition
Unreal Tournament 2004
Counter Strike: Anthology

All PS1 games $8 Shipped
(First one to purchase a PS1 game, ill throw in a PS1 memory Card for Free)(SOLD)
Mortal Kombat Trilogy(SOLD)
Soul Blade X
Cool Boarders 2001
Capcom vs SNK pro(SOLD)
Cool Boarders 4
Tekken 2
Tekken 3
3 Xtreme

Tekken Dark Resurrection $15 shipped

Perfect Dark, $8 shipped


Pushbutton With Horizontal Micro Switches, $1.50 each (Shipped) (Colors are 1 Black, 8 White, and 1 Player 1)

1 Happ Super Joystick (Black) $10 shipped


you can buy the entire package for $20 shipped.


Nvidia GeForce 4 (broken Heat Sink) $10 shipped (Just replace the heat sink and its good too go.)

40GB PS3 Hard Drive, $10 shipped (I think this can be used in other laptops as well, not sure tho)(SOLD)

30mw High Powered Green Laser, Comes with 4 rechargeable AAA batteries (those lasers that work in the day time and can actually see the beam at night.), $20 Shipped

PSP Car Charger (NEVER USED), $10 shipped

PSP Protective Medal Case, $15 shipped

**2 (4GB) Memory Stick Pro Duos (Comes already configured with Free PSP and Homebrew Games for those that are into PSP hacking), $10 each (Shipped). (Still can’t believe i paid 100 bucks for those things…LOL)


Buy both Memory Stick Pro Duos and ill throw in a 512mb Memory Stick Pro Duo for free. (Again, already configured for classic games like NES, SNES, Genesis, etc.)
“Remember, in order to use the Homebrew thats on the Pro Duos, you MUST have a hacked PSP”**(SOLD)

(Broken) PSP…LOL, $10 Shipped. Only for those that are into PSP hardware…can be used for spear parts and what not…or if your that good you can actually fix it yourself. The last problem i had with it is one of the Latches from the LCD ribbons broke off. Latest OS on the PSP is 3.40 OE-A before it stopped working.(SOLD)

Cybio Tronic Wireless Home Phone, $10 shipped

Canon PC Scanner, $30 shipped

6 X 9 Legacy Car Speaks (Pair) $20 Shipped, These are Legacy Speakers off a 94 Honda Accord so they produce Pretty Fair bass.

(Broken) 19inch Gateway LCD Monitor, $30 shipped. The only thing that needs fixed is the backlights…fix those and its good as new.


Jackass: The Boxset, $30 Shipped

Thats all i can think of to sell for now, i may or may not update this list later on down the line. I have some other stuff i may plan on selling in the future but really thinking about whether i should sell it or not.

The 2 things i might plan on selling is a Soft-Modded PS2 Slim and a GP2x F-200 (Open Source Handheld device, specific for gaming).
If you’re interested in that or anything i have mentioned above send me a pm



please make sure you put the information of your purchase in the paypal order. Once purchase has been made ill mark off the games as sold, If you sent me a pm saying you want this and that…and someone beated you too with payment…lol, sorry.

pm sent


PM sent

PM Sent for games (EX3,3rd strike, shenmue)


updated the post.

also, some price changes have been made.

and games that i said were sold are now STILL available until official payment has been made.

for those that already purchased, dont worry. you’re still good.

pm sent

What does the Doom collectors set have?

remember i got dibs in this game Capcom vs SNK pro

Ill take pictures only upon request.

pm sent!

too clear a few things im getting a lot, Sorry…I’m not going by dibs…im going by first payment first get policy.

pm me a paypal addy and I’ll pay immediately

all orders made yesterday have been shipped!

you should get it within 3 - 5 business days.
If anyone would like a tracking number let me know.

The Canon scanner – could you post some pics and/or a link to its features/specs? I might be interested. Thanks!

Also, I’m not a mechanical guy – how much trouble would it be to fix your LCD 19" monitor? Or how expensive if I took it somewhere? My friend could possibly do it for me if the solution isn’t too crazy.

thats the scanner…it still works. I got the cables it needs and everything. The reason im selling it is because i bought a new printer thats a 3 and 1 printer, scanner, and copier. So this scanner is just sitting in the living room, why let it go to waste?

also. About the LCD screen, Im not entirely sure. But i did a couple test to see if the backlights have been blown and yes, that was the case. I took a flash light to the screen to see an image while the LCD screen was on…it was hard to spot at first…but eventually i saw the image. The LCD is just sitting in the Living Room as well.

i since bought 2 more high def LCD monitors.

here’s a pic of the monitor btw.

cutwest, you’re talking about the original, original doom for the pc right? If so, can you take some pics?

yeah, its the original, original doom.

also, added Counter Strike: Anthology to the list.