Games for Sale! Buy 4, Get 1 Free, hundreds of titles to choose from, LOTS MORE COMING!

Please check this out. Thank you! :slight_smile:

those MVS games are tempting.

Nice collection.


What region are they?

All US Region unless otherwise noted. I forgot to make note of the coding system. It is as follows.

(CIB) Game instructions case

(CB) Game, case, no instructions

C) Game only.

Updated first post. Thank you you all that made purchases so far.

forgot to say earler, convo’d re: cps2 stuff

^ Just got back to you. Sorry for the late reply had to find my camera lol.

can I see pics of windwaker four swords and Tp for the gc


TP has sold. I can send you a pic of 4 swords if you’re interested in only that.

yeah send pics of that please

Case has a little bit of leftover price sticker which can easily come off. DIsc and book are in great shape.


Wait wait. I always thought CIB meant “Complete in box”. …have I been wrong all these years?


It does mean that lol. It’s also used as a coding system © game (I) book (B) case.