Games for Upcoming EVO 2006

I was wondering this today during class and so far we know that Tekken 5 is in for EVO 2006, we know that Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is also in, so as a unexpected Mario Kart DS and we knew a coule of minutes ago that Capcom vs. SNK 2 was also welocme. Since there are 7 spots and 4 spots are already taken i wonder what games will make it? I know for sure that Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo will make it, also Street Fighter 3: Third Strike will and that takes up a total of 6 spots and there is 1 left, Which game will make the final cut?:wtf:

Guilty Gear XX Slash :karate:
If not Slash, then Guilty Gear XX #Reload.

I was thinking that to since Guilty always is in EVO but i was thinking it might not make the cut in my world but Im sure it will, so the only 3D game will be Tekken as a fighting game, koo.

Rakukojin thnx for your opinion :tup:

Why do you know for sure that Super Turbo will make it?

It’s just a thought, I’m hoping it dosen’t make it so we have something new but this is a must classic fighting game (in my opinion).

It’s already been announced that Super Street Fighter II Turbo will have an arcade-version tournament held on Cigarbob’s custom cabinets, in addition to many other ST related events. EVO isn’t going to hold ST for sure, but there’s still a possibility for Anniversary Edition. However, with only 3 spots to go, it’s not looking good.

My predictions?

-Third Strike (duh)
-Guilty Gear Slash
-Dead or Alive 4

This is fine for the Vegas tournament, but for those regional qualifiers, OG ST players are not going to have a reason to go if there’s no AE…oh well.

My prediction:

Guilty Gear #reload
Smash Bros or DOA4

though I think Smash probably would draw more people while expanding Evo as they are interested in, the main page has been getting a lot of DOA4 love.

I would have to say that ST is way out of the running. If they run any OG SF games it will be HSF2. It is actualy aviliabe for ppl to play. The PS1 ST is so old and it has been out of print for so many years it can be dificult to find.

Another reason is what I will be doing. With me holding all my events on Arcade that will take care of all the OG’s for ST and it will allow EVO to run a newer game like HSF in its place for evo.

And its one less game for them to purchase. Being that it is packed in with 3s on the AE disc.

I wouldn’t even mind seeing them drop HSF all the way and bringing in SMB or DOA4. Either of thoes games will draw many more competitiors then HSF/ST will. And that will alow EVO to grow even larger.


GG (what ever0

Yup i agree with dark those are the three games… as much as i hate DOA its going to take the cake simply because its a brand new fighter, 3s yea no shit its in and finally GGXX slash with no doubt in my mind this will make it another game i could care less for.

but if it was me

wwf no mercy(damn that be a shock)

That’s why you don’t get to decide what the tournament games are! :looney:

halo 2 :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

3rd strikes a no brainer. Im sure slash will be choosen over #r. The 3rd games probably gonga be soul calibur 3.

SFA3 please.

We wolcome with great honor Guilty Gear XX Slash to Evolution 2006!!!

Note: 2 spots left, who will make the cut? :wtf:

DoA4, 3S.


Doa and 3s

Doa is garbage and the movie is a good comparison to the game they both suck

That’ll be it.

I would really like to see Alpha 3, but I suppose that is dependent on the quality of the port in the upcoming Alpha Collection. I never had a problem with the Dreamcast version to be honest.

But the rest of the community REALLY does.

I think Alpha Anthology’s release is too close to Evo for it to be included.

3S is obvious. It’s been the big money maker ever since 2K4.

DoA 4 is the best console fighter of the year, so…

DOA? mario kart? why not just include naked midget tossing or mortal kombat