Games For Windows Live AE PC Issue

I had recently installed AE PC on my computer, played it, great, I had to reformat though and now whenever I use the GFWL client to download AE PC, it stops around 48 percent while downloading, and then the GFWL client becomes unresponsive as hell and highly irritating.

Is there any other way to download my copy of AE PC other than through the horrible GFWL client?

Hop onto a torrent site and grab the game, that’s about it. Never ever ever ever ever buy something from the GFWL client. GFWL is utter and complete trash.

… that’s what I’m doing right now, I’ll still be able to play on Live with the torrented game though, as long as I have my LIVE access code for it, right?

I installed it the same way but for different reasons.

In my case I didn’t want to be forced to run Steam+GFWL while running the game as well.

So I took my Steam bought key and used it on a torrent download and have not looked back since.