Games of this gen you can't bring yourself to get rid of?


This is mainly for people that cycle through games who buy them new on release, not hoarders or collectors. My library grows impressively at times, but I do go through periods where I let off tons of games,(like when I had my 360 modded, I sold ALL my 360 games, except the ones listed lower) but for whatever reason there are games I just dont trade/sell.

Games I never traded off since new this gen, on console:

Dead or Alive 4 and DoAX2 - Just dont see them for sale often.

Import Tuner Challenge - Actually Tokyo Xtreme Racer, of which I collect the whole series.

Test Drive Unlimited 1 - still play it. Reason I even got this gen of systems.

Heavenly Sword - bought PS3 for this game/first game for it. Still kind of cost $$$ to buy.

Mass Effect - It’s Mass Effect.

And these games, just arent worth time it takes to sell/trade, so they just sit:

DefJam ICON (PS3)
Forza 2
GT5 Prologue (Japanese)
Tatsunoko VS Capcom (Wii)(Japanese)
Rumble Roses XX

Dont list old gen games, that would be redundant, and its assumed that most people still have games of previous gens sitting around.


Dang fam, I just sold a batch of games. The ones that I kept because of a must were

Alan Wake (just a great game)
Condemned 1+2 (I loved the story and the creepy factor)
Resident Evil 5 (I just love playing mercenaries)
Bioshock 1+2 (this is one of my favorite game series)


Sup man, yeah I do have a few games that I keep around no matter what. Anything produced by Bioware, Bethesda, or Valve, I’ll keep no matter what. I love the Mass Effect series with a passion, hell I love everything Bioware produces. I also keep all of my Halo games, and believe it or not, Command and Conquer 3. I love that game lol. Any game from a dev I really respect, I’ll keep.

Also, I’m a car nut too. I have a 96 Eclipse GSX, making 426 whp. I do all my own work. You can take a look at it here:

I saw your Prelude, doing some good work on that car. The wheels should be dope when you get done with 'em.


Mass Effect 1+2 (best games of this gen imho)
Uncharted 1+2
Bioshock 1 (Didn’t really like the sequel)
Gears of War 1
Forza Motorsport 2


I only own a PS3 now, so for me it’s:

Metal Gear Solid 4 (reason I bought a PS3)
Uncharted 1+2 (& soon to be 3!)
3D Dot Game Heroes (nostalgia factor)

I may have to get another 360 just for Forza 4 though…:smiley:


The only game I have that I wont sell is Fallout 3. I spent so much time with that game…its like family now.

If I want some extra money then every other game I have can go on craigs list. I never trade my games at gamestop or other such places, fuck that noise.


Resonance of Fate and Mass Effect.

I didn’t think I would ever get rid of my copy of MGS4, but I eventually did ;_;


Pretty much all the games I have bought…


Pretty much all the games I bought. Never know when I might want to play it again.


Yea I keep everything. If I had fun with it then I keep it.

I’m beginning to run out of room tho.


Soccer, man. I haven’t played in years now! But I just don’t want to get rid of my old cleats, or my shin pads, or my tall socks, and especially my ball. It’s a nice ball. One day I’ll play again. One day.


Sell them all, right now.


Ninja Gaiden Sigma 1 and 2. Can’t ever see me getting rid of them.


As a Steam gamer i’d say the same thing. I own very few new retail games nowadays.


DDRUniverse. It wouldn’t even pay for the gas money it would take to drive the 2miles to Gamestop. D: I even have the softmat dance pad.

Fucking wife buying games. D:


I was thinking the same thing. Nowadays I do just about all of my gaming on the PC and most of my games are purchased through Steam so I cant really get rid of them. Like Fallout 3. I have it for the 360 and I say I would never sell it but I also have it on Steam so why do I need to keep the 360 version? I really dont know but I still wont sell it.