Games On HD Remix Results - Jan 25, 2009

Thanks to everyone for coming!


1: Mizuno Hadouken (Chun Li)
2: BCCHOI (Dhalsim)
3: DBostick (Dee Jay, E. Honda)
4: PJ FrankDux Dim Mak (Guile, Blanka)
5: th3hurricane
5: Marc Jardin
7: Nerenatwah
7: fast_handscody
9: Yang858
9: Jason
9: AlexMan
9: Jimmy Nguyen
13: Edgar
13: Ryan Bracamonte
13: Joe
13: Jon Chesson
17: Skratchie Chan
17: Nebril
17: Rodolfo
17: Derrick

Full Bracket can be seen HERE.

Results at SDTEKKEN:

Good times, mad props to Mizuno and BCCHOI. They had damn good respective characters and, damn, that was a close last match between them.

Good stuff DBOSTICK, hope to play you online again soon. Go Go PSN players.

Good shit, dbo!

It was nice to meet some of you guys there… I want my rematch Dobstick!

Thanks a lot guys!!

Ah, I already added you skratchie! :slight_smile:

It was nice playing and talking with you, we’ll definitely have a rematch soon. :nunchuck:

great tourney. I enjoyed myself and wouldn’t mind going back for another one. Ended early (which is really good) and the location was pretty nice (PB).

My only gripe has to do with the brackets. In your 32-man double elimination bracket you have losers from the top half of the brackets feeding back into the top half in losers, losers in bottom half of brackets feeding back into the bottom half of losers. This would have it that players who played each other in the first round meet up again (if they continue to win out) 2 matches before loser semi-finals! A double-jeopardy if the winner of the first match wins again.

This should not happen, at the earliest they should meet again (if they should continue to win out) at Loser Semi-Finals.

Hopefully that didn’t happen today as it would have been unfair (to the person who would have gotten peaced out by the same damn person… and it wasn’t even semi-finals!) This also affects the rankings at the end too.

Nothing bad, just curious as to what tournament bracket programs were you guys using and if you weren’t using a program is there a chance that it was a labeling error? I’ve ran many tournaments using the same bracket format that SRK uses as well as other tournament programs that exist for sports/other games on the web and they are all the same. None of them have it where you would meet each other again until semi-finals.

Regardless, you guys ran an amazing tourney, loved being able to watch the matches on the displays. Congrats to the top 3.

Andrew: I knew when I played you, that you would go far. Sorry for the delay in our match (I brought the wrong converter) and I appreciate your patience. I want a rematch with your Chun! Good shit on winning out :tup:

Derrick: Good games! Also sorry for the delay in our game. How dare you pause during our match! J/k :lol: close second game, I felt I could have won had it not been for the pause though, but I had to go all out in the last game. Hope to play you again soon my friend.

Mark: It was a pleasure seeing you again too! I’ll definitely have to reserve (2) more SE FS for my 360. I’m investing nearly half a fucking grand for SFIV… it’s ridiculous! With all these sticks and copies of SFIV that I’m buying.

Thanks Shin-Rotendo. It was good playing against all you guys

^^ Congrats again…

Rodolfo: I’ll have n8 answer in here, he ran it… !

He was using some new software, I don’t know if he messed around with it enough to notice that the brackets/transitions from winners to loser side didn’t cross up.

My first tournament ever. Had an absolute blast! Thanks everyone who was there and thanks to Markman for the joystick previews!

First few vids from the tournament are now up on the GetYourTournament YouTube:"games+on+sthd"&aq=f

Although, I cant guarantee you wont be facing someone again during a tournament and in the end we’re only concerned with who would end up the best, I do see what you’re talking about in the difference of the Loser’s Side Bracket Seedings. My apologies for that, we were using a new tournament program provided by NVGA. In my defense, I did offer everyone the chance to take a look at the bracket and state any problems they saw before we started. But thanks for pointing it out, I’ll try looking into it more if it can be edited within the program.

Overall, I’m glad the event went by smoothly and swiftly. Thanks again to everyone for showing up.

Sup all, this is bcchoi. Fun tournament. Hoping to get more involved in the sd community after this.

Man, I’m awful! This was my first tournament in like few years and it was a whole lot of fun. GAMES ON is a pretty fucking rad place. Hope to play you guys again.

GG. i suck at this game.:sad:

just a quick question, was akuma banned at this tournament?


No worries! You guys did a great job regardless. “The tournament will start now” … x3, lol. That was classic. I still have the .pdf files of the official brackets that were once on from back in the day. I got an 16/32/64 single and double elimination brackets. Also, look into Tournamentmaker 2 (TM21.exe) It does all the math for the prize money, names, nicknames, where they are from, etc… very awesome program… and its free! <it follows every other tourney bracket that is normally used too at all major tourneys.

When I looked at the bracket, I was just looking at who I was going to face first… didn’t bother to see if everything else was okay. I try not to critique much, as I find it rude. Especially if I’m a new face and trying to make new friends. :sweat:

Please have more of these in the future (bi-weekly maybe?) Sundays work great for most people. Keep us up to date! :tup:

Hey, who’s this other Jimmy Nguyen? Would have been funny if I showed up and n8 was calling out matches.

finals vids are now up at getyourtournament multimedia: