Games Only You Have Played

You know that one game you always mention to your friends that you really enjoyed, and they never played it or even HEARD of it? Maybe it was because you were the only kid on the block (and with good reason) that owned a 3D0. Maybe they didn’t like imports. Maybe the game was just so rare/out of print nobody cared. Share those games with us.

My games:

Vandal Hearts, for the PSX - Weird little title for PSX. It was a grid-based RPG not unlike Final Fantasy Tactics with job changes, but you couldn’t change back. Very well animated 2D with a hauntingly awesome intro song. Every character killed would FOUNTAIN a gusher of bright red blood from their corpse when they died. Nobody I know has played this. Ever.

Pigskin Footbrawl, for the Genesis - Whenever someone starts talking about Mutant League Football, I always mention this game. For a while, I thought Delchamps (a grocery) MADE this game. They had a .99 cents/day rental service and a handful of Genesis games. I think they had Power Rangers: The Movie, this, and James Pond. It was like… only 2 arenas… littered with logs, lakes, etc. that you could potentially kill yourself in/on. The coolest part is you could pick up spears and swords and shit and when you tackle another player you could impale him and kill him for the rest of the quarter.

Vandal Hearts was kewl. One day I’ll track down the sequel…

I’m probably the only person I know that has even heard of, let alone played, Evil Zone…

Metal Warriors on the SNES by Konami - NO ONE has heard of that game, but i thought it was fun as hell.

Biker Mice from Mars for SNES - also by Konami and very fun, but no one i mentioned it to had ever played it.

bujingai for ps2 .nobody else seemed to love this game.

there was this game for genesis… dungeon crawler like diablo 2, but I only played it a couple of times and couldn’t find it again (was given a rom cd w/ ~500 games on it)

That game looks cool…was it ever released in the US?

I was the only person I knew with a Saturn back in the day, so pretty much every Saturn classic except for of course the fighters and bomberman. Everybody loves no loading times and bomberman!

The Jagged Alliance series.

If you liked Fallout or X-COM, you’ll love this game.

I’ll look into that!

Oh, and I knew a queer kid at my school (actually queer… :wonder: ) that LOVED Evil Zone because he said it reminded him of Sailor Moon. I’m convinced he sat in his room all day watching Sailor Moon, The Craft, and playing Evil Zone.

i attempted to make a text-based game on the TI83 calculator when i was a freshman in high school

it was horrible

Kendorage for the SNES.
So good.

That and Super Ninja Boys. I used to play that with my sister.

And 8 eyes for the regular NES. Those were the friggin days.

epidemic for PSX
Cyberspeed for PSX

Shadowrun Snes

Unreal Gold

Trap Gunner for PSX.

On second thought, I’m not really sure how popular that one was.

there was this one game for genesis…

where you scare people with random objects in a house and if you scare them enough they’ll leave the room, but you had to do it in a certain time frame or you’d warp back to another dimension and have to 360 kick the ghost that are trying to drag you back… it was really fun but I don’t remember the name. help?

Swat 3.

Asuka 120% fighting game series.

i definitely have a burned copy of trap gunner in my house right now.

Shenmue. I’ve always loved it.

Wetrix. Played in on the DC with my friends. Wasn’t particularly good but when you get into it, it’ll keep you entertain for quite sometime.

Swat was an awesome series. I enjoyed it better than the rainbow 6 series.