Games that haven't aged well


What are some games that were good for their time, or you loved as a kid, that haven’t aged well?



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A lot of the fighting games SNK made in the 90s


Anything from the early 3D polygon era of gaming.

Which covers huge chucks of the N64, PS1 and Saturn libraries.


Super Turbo.








The Core Design Tomb Raider games.


Sonic Adventure.


Perfect Dark


The entire atari library


Atari Library was dated the day the 2600 came out


your mom you REDACTED


Yup. Not that there aren’t any Atari 2600 games that are still fun, there definitely are but, that was effectively “horse & carriage” gaming lol. Even back in the day before i experienced anything better, such as the NES, i thought 2600’s library was pretty lame on graphics and content. And Music was simply non-existent, just the various beeps and various sound effects.

I can still go back and enjoy NES era games quite a bit but, Atari 2600 is pushing it as far as my retro-gaming appreciation goes.


Marvel vs Capcpom: Infinite DLC.


We need an HD remake of Custer’s Revenge


Majora’s mask


Except all the console makers will never allow for a AO rated game on their machines.
It be PC only, and this this is a pornographic AO rated game, good luck getting funding.

Moving this away from Majora’s mask as we got too many Majora mask here.

Well all N64 titles aged terribly.
3D PS1 games and pretty much all N64 games are badly aged

The Generation before them, the Sega Genesis and the SNES came out like Roses.

Early 3D gaming aged like 1970s home decor, both looking fuggly.