Games That Make You Buy Systems/Early VG Memories Thread


Lords of Shadow: Mirror of Fate (for sure) and apparently Shin Megami Tensei IV (probably) are going to be 3DS exclusives.

I really don’t want to buy a 3DS, but I’m going to want to play more Lords of Shadow to feed the Castlevania craving that will be imminent while waiting for Lords of Shadow II.

I considered getting a 3DS due to Mega Man Legends 3, but we all know how that turned out.

Personal stories of buying systems for a specific, or multiple specific games in mind would be interesting to hear, both positive and negative results.

Can be any system, but I find a special kind of frustration when it’s money spent on a handheld, since the most recent portable I own is a GBA SP.

That and the last couple years I’ve noticed I’ve wanted to play PSP RPGs pretty much more than any other RPGs on consoles.

That and sidescrollers along with shmups seem to dominate handheld systems, so basically my generation of videogames is being downgraded to mostly portables and VC titles while FPS kids have been top priority for videogame companies for like, the past 10 years it seems.

Edit: Since I’m noticing that this is consistant with early VG memories I’ll ask future posters to also include the first game or games they got for whatever systems they want to talk about.


The only reason I ever got a DS was to play Dawn of Sorrow, and the new gen pokemon games

DoS was aiit, new pokemon sucked dick, got rid of DS after I got those over with


Pretty much this too, I’m just coming to realize I’m going to be both a lifelong Castlevania and Dragon Quest fan, among a few others probably.


Bought a PSP to play Super Robot Taisen Z2 since I’m a Mecha fan.

GBA to Play Rockman Zero

TTT2 is going to make me buy a PS3


The sole reason I owned the original xbox was to play Halo: Combat Evolved, then later Halo 2.
For years I vowed that if Square Enix ever remade FFVII and it was exclusive to a certain console (PS3) I would buy said console, but I got tired of waiting and now I own a PS3 and they are not exclusive to Sony anymore.

The only 3DS game I have for my 3DS is Ocarina of Time 3D (I regret buying a 3DS at launch, all I play are DS games anyways)
I know that Persona 4: The Golden is a very good reason to buy the PS Vita. The library for the Vita isnt looking good at all though.


I bought a PS3 mainly for Metal Gear Solid 4. Glad I did. Not long after Valkyria Chronicles came out, as well as a slew of other good but generally unappreciated games for the system. Plus I loved Resistance.

Bought a NDS for Castlevania:DoS. Eh. Luckily Jump Super and Ultimate Stars made the system worth the purchase.


If Shenmue 3 comes out next gen I will buy whatever system it comes out on.


Also considered getting a PS3 when MGS4 was a console exclusive.

Got a Gamecube and ended up only getting Metroid Prime from a freind, Zelda Collector’s edition (Why no Link to the Past?) Wind Waker, and RE4 when it was for a short time a Nintendo exclusive property.

Literally the only other game I’ve bought for it was Viewtiful Joe for like 3 dollars. I’ll probably just get a GBA adapter thing for it and mostly play Metroid Zero Mission and the GBA Castlevanias among other random shit I may like in the future.

Considered getting a Wii just for Other M and Twilight Princess when I didn’t realize TP wasn’t a Wii exclusive.

Exclusives blow.


Play the PS2 version, it’s the better P4 experience.


street fighter alpha 2 - ps1

cvs2 - dreamcast

mgs twin snakes - gaycube

mgs4 - ps3

mgs2 - ps2


I have, I love the Persona series. P4A/U is one of the reasons I am trying to get good at fighting games too.

I was never really interested in the Wii. I thought the motion controls and crappy shovelware games were stupid, but I really like the Metroid and Zelda series.
I learned that I could play Wii games on the PC with the Dolphin emulator and in HD too.
No reason to buy a Wii now. I even use the golden Wii mote packaged with Skyward Sword via bluetooth.

TBH, I think Nintendo should just get out of the console market and just focus on making good games and handhelds, but this will never happen.


I don’t even know when the Vita came out. I’m so out of the loop.

It could still be in dev and I wouldn’t even have known.


Nintendo DS so I could play pokemon 0_0…the newer ones I mean.


If Onimusha and Metal Gear Solid were to continue on future consoles, I would strongly consider getting a PS4.


lol okay, i finally get to tell the story.
i got an iPod 4 the first day it came out, so i was obsessed with getting kewl new games to play on it. one of the apps they came out with for it was the SFIV app which was basically a watered down version of the console game. i went to look up youtube videos of the APP, but videos of the console version came up instead. the graphics were so much better, of course, the backgrounds moved, and it had more characters. i was planning on buying a PS3 anyways, after the price dropped to be exact, but SSFIV made me want it right then and there.
ironically, i’m pretty annoyed by SSFIV now a days because you know…


I’m actually pissed that I have to buy a 3DS just to play the new Fire Emblem :confused:


Sadly enough, SF4.


That wasn’t my reason for getting a next gen system, but it was the first game I bought, SSF4 that is.

You sound like you were surprised or something. :rofl:


PS3 - T6 announcement, followed by T5DRO release
360 - T6 multiplat announcement

There were other titles that factored into my decision, but these were what tipped the scales. Stupid thing is that I’m not even that dedicated to/barely know shit about Tekken.

EDIT: Since Saturn was brought up, it totally reminded me that I bought one solely for XvSF. I was like in intermediate school then, so buying the system, the Pro Action Replay cart, & the import game fucking bankrupted me back then :lol:. And all the superior import-only Capcom/SNK ports that followed (4MB ram cart was revolutionary to me) kept me living in poverty.


psp for castlevania x and metal gear games, once i beat them i sold it
ps3 for mgs
DS for advance wars