Games that need HD Remixed?


What are your picks?

Not games that are “remastered” in HD with crappy blur filters, and absolutely NO added content, but which games would you like to see done in a full HD Remix? New graphics, content, remixed music, ect?

Some of mine:

Double Dragon 2 (NES version). I would love to play this with current gen graphics, more levels, more moves, new music or even with the DD2 Arragne OST “Roar of the Dragon”.

Castlevania : Portrait of Ruin. It’s not old, but I’d love to play it in full HD, with the arranged OST as the standard music.

Secret of Mana. Even without added content. Just give me some new graphics, and remixed music(without changing the melodies) = WIN.

Super Metroid. See Secret of Mana. Oh, add Zero suit mode.

Streets of Rage trilogy. See prior 2 entries.


Panzer Dragoon Saga


Donkey Kong Country, and Einhander


3rd Strike.


Street Fighter 2010

in honor of it being 2010 and all


the legend of the mystical ninja


Gem Fighter mini mix.


The first one is smart. But Nitendon’t think like that.

The second one…

I came a little.

I love Einhander.

I still listen to the sountrack.

Fucking love Einhander.

Love it.

I actually wrote in the shmup thread about the changes I would make for a sequel and or remake. For a remake I’d add like three stages: First stage of the game will be a training stage on Selene. Besides teaching you the basics of whatever craft you use and the level flow, it’ll give us glimpses of this lunar city and hints of your impending doom in a subtle way. The next stage will be the obligatory snow stage taking place at the North Pole. You go there to knock some communications equipment before heading to Germany. Then you play the rest of the game as normal. During the credits instead of the awesome pieces of concept art you’ll get to keep fucking up Selene’s army yourself until the credits end.

  • Strider needs a very special kind of HD Remix/Remake/Sequel. It needs to be an adventure like the NES Strider was but flow combat wise like the Strider sequel on Playstation/Arcades. Drop the sprites and go for the full 2.5D look and it will sell baby.


Now here is an interesting and a bit of a courageous idea. SNK vs. Capcom Match of the Millennium for mobile/handhelds. Keep the simple super-deformed look and feel but bump up the colors and use high-sprites. Add 8 characters, four for each side that don’t already come from fighting games. Add a few more minigames and wi-fi battles. Leave everything else the same. If Street Fighter IV could work on the iPhone, I know that this two button (but really it would still be four because MotM did differentiate between lights and heavies) could work. Also it would be right at home on the PSP and DSi markets as well and even Windows Phone 7 in the future.


come to think of it we’re most likely gonna see those classic nintendo games in better than HD remix, in 3DHD remix


River City Ransom.


^^ instant win.


Gunstar Heroes!

Old school point and click adventure games, though I’m partial to Full Throttle myself.


Bloody Roar 1 would greatly benefit from having Primal Fury/Extreme’s graphics.


deus ex would benefit from a massive touchup - i played it like a year back and there are a few things that could be improved upon in it that’d most likely make it much better


Mother-Fucking PONG niggas!!!


Plasma Pong’s pretty good.


Castlevania SOTN with arranged OST.


jet grind radio/jet set radio future.




Give me a new version of that arcade version Dungeons & Dragons: [media=youtube]ex1BuQvgH8Q it would be perfect for Live Arcade and PSN with the usual expected stuff now; online play with chat, leaderboards, achievements/trophies and all that jazz. There’s the “Tower of Doom” and the other one “Shadow of Mystara”[/media]

I’d also love to see a new Actraiser…new versions of the old music would be nice, but I’d want the option for the exact same old soundtrack as well. At the time, it was the greatest game soundtrack I ever heard…example: [media=youtube]Wsefax53YP0 Aitos theme was epic too:[/media] That game still ranks as one of the Greatest of All Time for me.