Games that need to be remade


The Guardian heroes thread made me think of a few games I’d like to see remade. I’d love to see a remake/sequal for Chip n dale rescue ranger for the nes which is still in the top 10 list of my favourite games ever.
I 'd also add Gunstar Heroes, Smash TV and Contra Spirits (the ps2 version doesnt count).


I’d like to see a remade Duck Tales and RC Pro-Am.


Actraiser 1/2
Suikoden 1/2
Blaster Master


I believe Smash TV is already on XBL.


Spikeout Battle street: [media=youtube]qavSZwoQoYE[/media]
Fatal Fury 1
Capcom avp hd ver


-Shinobi-3D ps2 version
-Double Dragon or Streets of Rage(developed by sega)
-any sega game stemming from the 80s.


Street Fighter 4

and just about every DreamCast game


Toe Jam and Earl…The first one


Blaster Master Was Remade 2 times PSX [media=youtube]F3HsGil74s8[/media]

Nintendo Wii [media=youtube]F3HsGil74s8[/media]

I would love to see Metal Storm, Streets Of Rage, Decap Attack, Ristar, Terranigma, Sky Blazer.


Oh shit how did I forget


lol driver cam and splatter replays

This game brought me much joy …and low grades

It was also the first time I heard Fear Factory :rock:


Every major Saturn or Sega arcade game that hasn’t been ported or re-released… making a list misses the point. Those platforms have just been neglected for too long.

Rebooted, you mean.


I am of the opinion that games that would qualify for a remake don’t need to be remade because they are timeless.

Rereleases, however, are a different story. I would love to see Dungeons & Dragons: Shadows of Mysteria rereleased. It has never seen a console release, and it would probably sell well enough to merit the time and money spent porting it, especially if it’s downloadable only.


Mystaria (Sega Saturn)
Dragonforce (Sega Saturn)
Phantasy Star 2 (Sega Genesis)
Phantasy Star 4 (Sega Genesis)

I know PS 2 for example got the Sega Ages Release but that was never released in the United States. Phantasy Star 4 might be the most overlooked RPG of its generation simply because its name didn’t start with ‘Final’ and spelled Fantasy with a “PH”

Also, given all the love they’ve given Final Fantasy 4 (rightfully so, my personal fav. FF), I would think FF6 would deserve the same type of treatment. I’ve never heard anyone who has played a majority of FF games put Final Fantasy 6 outside of their top 3 or at worst maybe number 4 and for most people its #1 or #2.

I don’t completely agree that games that timeless don’t necessarily need to be made over. Is Final Fantasy 6 one of those items? I think to alot of people it probably is. And people have gotten so sick of waiting for a real Chrono Trigger sequel people went out and made their own before Squaresoft lowered the boom on them. Chrono Trigger I think is another game that while having been rereleased hasn’t really been “remade” in a way that it probably deserves but again, this could be an example where maybe its too timeless of a game to remake properly… maybe I agree with Kyoujin on this more than I originally thought… I have to think about this some more…

Also, shoutout to the people who did the Streets of Rage remake on their own time… That is how it is done, slightly updated graphics, put all the elements together, add in some nice unlockables… oh yeah and start with the best 2d side scrolling beat 'em up of all time… That’s how a remake is done in my opinion.

You know, I was going to say something really mean and spiteful about Street Fighter 4… but given that I don’t know how you meant this comment and that honestly, my being rude and obnoxious just for the sake of being rude and obnoxious is in itself rude and obnoxious, I’m just going to apologize and say never mind.


Strider, DMC2, Bouncer, Battle Arena Toshinden Series, BattleToads.


Killer Penguins from Outer Space. I have yet to play anything like it and it is unfortunately stuck in the Jaguar for nobody to know its godlikeness.


Depends to what extent we’re talking remade.
Track & Field w/ NES pad
Battletoad (NES)
X-Men 6 Player (it got a re-release, but for how easy it is, why not new levels and characters?)
Killer Instinct

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legend of dragoon


damnit u took my answer


Double Dragon on GBA is the end all of Double Dragon games… go play it in an emulator

We don’t need a sega developed streets of rage either… they’d find some way to fuck it up

btw where is sonic 4 episode 2?


Second this. Enjoyed this game a lot on the PS3 once I managed the combat system.

Also, glad to see Tactics Ogre getting the remake. Enjoyed playing that game a lot (even if it was in Japanese) and glad to see the PSP remake is not a straight port. Some battle/system changes for the better, but storywise/musicwise it’s the same.

Gonna pick it up today, heck yes.